Something's strange about the next chapter...

New killer idea?

So considering ash is pretty much dead as his perks are meme level at best, and that lore wise, any survivor could infact become a killer, i recommend making ash a killer.

But not just ash....chucky also.

Chucky replaces ashs hand puppet. By tapping the power buttin while in a chase, ash can throw Chuck who then starts chasing the survivor. When chucky gets close enough to a survivor, he jumps on their back causing the survivor to move erratically (like boils over on killers only more pronounced). The survivor has a short wiggle time before throwing chucky off.

Meanwhile ash sports his chainsaw (or to avoid billy comparisons whatever weapon devs feel like giving) and can either chase someone else or go for the easy hit with chucky.

After a cool down chucky returns to ash magically? Before which he lays on the ground mot moving like a normal doll. Ash can pick up chucky to cancel cool down.

This would in my opinion make ash actually worth buying and playing and also make everyone wanting child's play in the game happy.



  • csandman1977csandman1977 Member Posts: 65

    And since ive gotten out of work and had some sleep I even came up with perks....go me!

    Flop flip - increases the wiggle timer based on recovery progress of survivor by up to 40%

    Mangler of Man - Any survivor hit by your basic attack causes a permanent mangled status that can not be healed.

    Buckle under - When a survivor outside your terror radious is healed to the healthy state, that aura is revealed to you for 6 seconds.

    And just for giggles, the mori - chucky quickly and visiously stabs the survivor repeatedly. Then ash shotguns the survivor in the face.

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