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The Terror Radius perk buffs.

So it is widely known that almost all Terror radius based perks are bad as HFIL. Coulrophobia, Unnerving and Overwhelming prescence. Mostly either of a lackluster effect, or a effect that assists instead of harms the survivors' chance of escaping. The biggest issue is that it's less effective/useless on Killers with a naturally small/non-existent TR. But the fix I have can fix that, while also buffing Unnerving Prescence to become viable in High rank play... Possibly.


1. All the perks mentioned above do not work with the terror radius, instead it works independently. Such as it effects survivors within "28/32/36" meters. Numbers will probably change for balancing.

2. Unnerving Prescence no longer gives out Great Skill checks. This is to prevent helping High ranks by giving them free boosts to progress on whatever. It's a small, but decent buff to an otherwise useless perk.

If these changes are "somehow" implemented, It may open up more possibilities to the meta in some way, or give more options on what to choose. People have practically ignored these kinds of perks, focusing on the current meta or more noticable weaker things like the now worst killer: Leatherface. These perks fell into the shadows, I want them to surface back up. If you have any ideas to buff these 3 perks, post below. I want to start to see them have a reason to use for serious gameplay instead of memeing. 


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