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Swappable Killer powers

So Survivors have their items. There are multiple items and they all have unique properties.

On the Killers side they have the slot in the UI for something like this with the power, however clicking on the power obviously doesn't let you swap it out. But what if it did?

Basically I'm suggesting that every Killer get's a 2nd "Power" that is similar enough to the original one that the buttons, core concept ect are mostly the same while the details are more different than what an addon would generally do.

Note: I know this would be low priority even if done

So here is my pitch for each Killer one at a time (I'm only listing the differences between this and the normal power):


  • Starts with all traps
  • 3 traps total. Bags increase this
  • Freeing yourself takes much longer per attempt
  • Freeing yourself is guaranteed after the 1st attempt (1st attempt can fail, 2nd cannot)


  • Moves at 100% MS while cloaked
  • Doesn't slow down as much while uncloaking
  • Doesn't get a speedboost after uncloaking
  • You have no collision while cloaked
  • You go through objects while cloaked


  • Blinks do not go through objects
  • 110% movement speed
  • 2 chain blinks (3 total blinks)

The Shape:

  • Stalking multiple survivors at once makes the stalk faster (multistalking)
  • Slighly more stalking is required per tier
  • T3's effects are replaced with 120% MS and a 25% attack cooldown reduction

The Hag:

  • Traps have collision but may not be teleported to
  • 7.5% haste while within 40 meters of a triggered trap
  • Current bodyblocking addons reworked

Sorry, bodyblocking hag is just too perfect for this sort of suggestion

The Doctor:

  • The Shock Therapy attack is a lightning attack shot directly at the survivors
  • This attack does not travel through walls
  • You may hold the M2 button to continuously attack the survivor building up madness much quicker than normal.
  • Survivors are only prevented from preforming actions for 1.5 seconds instead of 2.5 after the attack ends (for a longer total duration if you held the attack)

The Huntress:

  • Hatchets have a much lower wind up time
  • Hatchets fall much quicker
  • Instead of finding them in lockers you must go to where the hatchets land and pick them back up. Animation is similar to the trappers

The Nightmare:

  • Literally dream pallets
  • Rework the applicable addons

The Pig:

  • The ambush is replaced with a much shorter range Grab attack
  • RBT have a 90 second timer instead of 150 seconds
  • All keys will remove the RBT

The Clown:

  • Gas will be sprayed directly in front of the clown instead of thrown
  • The amount is based off duration of holding M2 instead of a set number of bottles. Refilling still works the same
  • The gas lasts twice as long as normal (not the effect, just that it takes twice as long before the area no longer applies Hindered)

The Spirit:

  • Phase walking doesn't give a speedboost
  • Phase walking doesn't leave behind a husk
  • You may move during the channel at full speed
  • Phase walk max duration tripled

The Legion:

  • Move at 6.0 M/S in Frenzy
  • Frenzy lasts 5 seconds
  • Fatigue time is 5 seconds. But is reduced by 1 second per survivors hit.

The Plague:

  • For each fully sick survivor your corruption bar slowly fills up. (240 charges to become full and 1 charge per second per fully sick survivor)
  • Corrupt fountains give 60 charges when consumed by the plague
  • When you reach max corruption vile purge becomes corrupt purge for 30 seconds

The Ghostface (ugg why that name):

  • Nightshroud has 60 charges and loses 1 charge per second. At 0 charges nightshroud is disabled
  • Looking at Ghostface will cause him to lose 4 additional charges per second. This stacks with multiple survivors looking at once

You may have noticed that I skipped Hillbilly and Leatherface.

That's because these powers are similar enough that they could be swapable this way. If this would be implemented one of them should get both chainsaw powers and the other gets completely reworked somehow. Because both chainsaw iterations would still exist this wouldn't have the normal problem that normally has.

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