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New survivor idea

8obot1c8obot1c Member Posts: 1,129

Tom Burgas

After doing hardcore drugs in his basement and doing illegal deals with people somebody finally decided to snitch on him.

He was sent to prison for 15 years and was over all of the rest of the prisoners. He would constantly get into brawls and would spend more time in solitary than the rest of the inmates.

He finally decided he wanted to escape, after 8 months of planning and getting contraband without anybody knowing he escaped.

There was no sign of Tom after that. Nobody knew where he went.


Throwdown (Rare)

You can take someone down easily. When you stun the killer the rate of recovery from a stun is decreased by 50%/60%/75%

”You think it’s going to be that easy?” - Tom Burgas

Iron Skin (Very Rare)

You are tough and can take hits. You start out with 3/4/5 tokens. Each time you would get the Exposed status effect or Deep Wound Status effect is ignored and you lose a token. It works for 30 seconds and if the time runs out and you would still have then Exposed status effect another token is gone and you don’t have it for another 30 seconds. When getting unhooked or unhook yourself you can’t go to the dying state for 15 seconds and a token is taken.

”Nobody is as tough as me” - Tom Burgas

No Marks Left Behind (Rare)

When failing a skill checks you leave no scratch marks for 10/15/20 seconds and when you unhook somebody you and the person leave no scratch marks for 15 seconds.

”Don’t touch anything and run away quietly” - Tom Burgas.

I thought this up for like 30 minutes so tell me what you think.

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