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Potential New Paragraph? The Executioner

taterholetaterhole Member Posts: 1

While i know it's not good, I'm hoping posting here could help improve and maybe push forward the idea of gaining one of the most Iconic Horror Characters from Video Games. Pyramid Head aka The Executioner.


  • Raven014Raven014 Member Posts: 2,293

    I doubt they'll make your chapter. They stopped using chapters as a concept while ago, and I doubt the creators of Silent Hill would let Behavior use Pyramid Head.

    Interesting concept. I think Otherworldly passage is way too strong. You gain tokens for BL, and then can destroy a window for the rest of the trial... yeah, that will never happen. I made a killer around blocking/damaging windows, but they can only do so much because vaults are an integral part of the game.

  • GrandpaBill24GrandpaBill24 Member Posts: 161
    edited August 14

    Ignoring that Konami is apparently a bit hard to deal with, this would most likely be the first video game killer that the devs would go for. Very requested and very iconic. Pyramid Head would be awesome with James Sunderland as a survivor and a Silent Hill map. They could even use Freddy's Dream World fog and it would be exactly like Silent Hill.

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