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Game gave me no PIP progress

MasterManMikeMasterManMike Member Posts: 13

Platform: PC

Description of the issue: After a game just now, (it was a rough one where i killed no one) the game said "disgraceful defeat" and at first, genuinely thought that the game was just shaming killers who didn't kill anyone more than the usual "entity displeased" but when I went to see my emblems I notice that it's taken 2 pips from me instead of one and that I don't have any emblem progress despite the game telling me precise percentage points of how much I earned. I still got points, I still lost addons but the game is almost acting like I DC'd despite that not being the case.

Steps to reproduce (if possible): Not sure if this has anything to do with it, but I was lagging and stuttering hardcore at points during the match, like I went to lunge, my screen froze and unfroze after the lunge had occurred.

How often does this occur: only once for now, will edit if happens again

(side note: I have a perk picture pack so my perks used were brutal strength, ruin, nurses calling and overcharge)


  • Angelicus23Angelicus23 Member Posts: 839
    edited August 14

    Rank system is bugged since two months ago and devs said this is a known issue in the last path notes...

  • anonymous31337anonymous31337 Member Posts: 61
    edited August 14

    You are lucky that you only lost 2 pips... I got this bug twice and each time I lost 4 pips (game crashed after "disgraceful defeat" message, so it counted as both DC and "disgraceful defeat" at the same time, to make things even worse it was full iri game for me)

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