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Updated My Original Idea for The Predator (Yautja)

I would love to have The Predator in the game. The Chapter would be called "The Disgraced". My idea for why one of them is in the realm is because it was a Bad Blood Predator lured in by the Entity as the greatest hunting trophy in existence. The Predator and the Entity had clashed in battle only to win thrusting the Predator into services is offered a chance of a lifetime by being provided the hunt everlasting. However, the Predator is also doing the Entity's bidding only to by time to learn the Entity's weaknesses someday plus to escape and to defeat the Entity once and for all. The Predator's base kit is the ability to cloak invisible and use thermal vision to track survivors down plus its base weapon is the Wrist blade gauntlet. His ability to cloak and uncloak takes 1.5 seconds both to use.

His addons would have for commons as follows:

"Ghostly Hollows"= this addon is used to create random sounds and terror radius proxies every 45 seconds to all the survivors except the Hunter.

"Glimmer of a Figure"= This addon removes the ability to cover terror radius whiled cloaked but increases movement speed by 5% and increases Deviousness Bloodpoints by 75%.

"Code of Honor"= This addon removes the ability to track injured survivors while using Thermal Vision but increases Hunting Bloodpoints by 200%.

"Trapped Bait"= This addon removes the ability to use Thermal Vision but is replaced by snare traps that are moderately difficult to escape from by yourself.

Uncommon addons:

"Deadly Extensions"= This addon extends the base and lunge attacks of the Wrist Blade Gauntlet by Moderate amount.

"Over Here"= While cloaked you are able to move at a base of a 125% movement speed and able to see footprints of survivors previously left behind up to 7 seconds from creation.

"Blind Rage of the Hunt"= Removes the ability to cloak but increases movement speed up to 130% including 150% increase to Brutality Bloodpoints.

"Concrete Jungle"= Replaces the ability to cloak with 4 throwable spears that on direct hit causes the survivor to go into the injured state with a status effect of Mangled and Hemorrhage until fully healed.

"Blood Sport"= This addon adds 150% Bloodpoints to all categories while removes 3% movement speed and adds another slot for base kit ability up to Very Rare base addons.

Rare addons:

"Hunter's Patience"= For every wounded, hooked, or sacrificed survivor your senses and abilities become stronger by 4% to a total of 16% and gain an increase of Bloodpoints in Sacrifice by 75%.

"Sacred Ritual"= For every survivor sacrificed you gain a permanently moderate resistance to stuns, recoveries, and action speeds including vaulting until the trial ends.

"Scar Tissue"= Replaces Cloak with 2 Snare Traps and a Wrist Net Launcher that can be used every 160 seconds to put survivors into the Dying state.

"Coated Claws"= The Wrist Blade Gauntlet has been coated with a neural toxin that causes Hindered and Blindness for 120 seconds.

"Damaged Mask"= Removes the ability to use Thermal Vision instead replaces it with a throwable Homing Disc that can be used every 60 seconds if made direct hit.

Very Rare Addons:

"Hunter's Utilities"= adds on 2 slots to the base ability kit.

"Old Blood"= This addon adds the ability to see survivors auras up to 16 meters away while cloaked but reduces Bloodpoints in all categories by 15%.

"Quick Strike"= This addon increases both missed and successful primary attacks by considerably and vaults increases by 25%.

"Burned Tissue"= This addon adds in Plasma Mines that can cause survivors to become injured after stepping onto a mine which will also be inflicted with Hemorrhage, Mangled, Blindness, Deafness, Hindered and Deep Wound until fully healed Considerably.

Ultra Rare Addons:

"Elongated Skull"= After your obsession has been rescued from the hook your are able to use an Kill ability one time in the trial against any survivors.

"Plasma Burn"= You are given the ability to use the Plasma Caster during the trial for 2 shots every 90 seconds and causes survivors on direct hit to go into the Dying state. 


"Ugly Mother..."= While in a Killer's terror radius a survivor will Slightly/Moderately/Considerably scream and reveal their aura to the Killer.

"Prized Collection"= For every wounded, downed, hooked, sacrificed, or Moried survivors gives 1 token up to a total of 10 tokens to the Killer which becomes faster in all aspects of their action speeds, resistances, recoveries, vaults, ability cool downs, and regressions by 1/2/3%.

"Prized Obsession"= Every time a Killer hits their obsession and lets them escape the Killer gains 1 token up to a total of 6 tokens with a cooldown of 50/40/20 seconds to instant Mori the Obsession at 6 tokens.

"Final Solution"= When one generator is left to complete all generators are blocked off for 60/120/180 seconds with the exit gates opening timers increase by 2/4/6 seconds. 

Killer Name: "Bad Blood"

Base Movement speed is 110%

Terror radius is 32 meters

Height is Tall


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