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A real SWF nerf idea

Okay, so i see people on here complaining about a bunch of things so i made an account to give my suggestions, i hope to hear critical feedback on any of my suggestions and i hope i can contribute. First thing i see is how people complain about SWF. Well one way to always have a counter is by adding a killer where he has a passive that works like this. Lets use the voodoo god Baron Samedi, he will carry a voodoo doll that is the obsession and it'll even be the obsessions character and be on a belt or he will be holding it. So his passive would add a secondary objective in every game. The objective is to cleanse every totem in the map, or the obsession will die once every gen is finished and oc there will be a counter as well. Now i know SOME already do this to counter noed but honestly in red ranks noone really PERSUES dull totems. Anyways every totem will be lit so survivors can hear it. And as an ability, idk control crows lol idk. But this passive on a killer is a better argument than give more BP. I believe a 4 man comms has potential to be OP af but it's not a big enough problem. I believe this killer passive ability is the best way to counter SWF since it will slow them down and if not one of their friends die. I believe with a counter on the screen it will influence randoms to persue totems as well. And since all totems are lit noone can guarantee to find your ruin immediately or make haunted grounds VERY fun to use and slow the game down even more. I know you killer mains are drooling at the synergy possibilitys but survivor mains wadya think? Too op? Or a good way to shut up people who complain about SWF?


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