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Visual Bug - Dwight Fairfield - Campus Stripes Rare Torso

Lost_in_the_FogLost_in_the_Fog Member Posts: 394



Description of the issue:

It appears that the upper arm graphics of this torso have been reversed. His left arm's sleeve is pulled down to his wrist but the upper arm looks like bunched up fabric. His right arm's sleeve ends at his elbow but the upper arm has slack fabric. It looks like he's wearing a shirt with one short sleeve and one extra long sleeve. I got this with some auric cells and it's too distracting to play with this cosmetic. So I thought I'd report this bug.

Steps to reproduce:

Have Dwight wear the cosmetic.

How often does this occur:

It's been ongoing since purchasing the cosmetic.

Thank you for the hard work you do on this game. I've only recently started playing but It's a fantasticly entertaining endeavour. Keep up the great work!



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