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New Game Mode - Slaughter

SziosisSziosis Member Posts: 150

3 killers vs 10 survivors. Unique maps to have more room to accommodate so many players. Survivors work to open or close pathways and gateways. The longer the trial continues, the more impatient the entity grows and it begins revealing the killers and survivors positions to each other. Survivors can be moried upon being downed and have 2 respawns. Survivors can sabotage pipes to provide extra cover but only for a limited time and killers can trap certain pathways that would otherwise help survivors escape a chase. Hooks can be used to prevent respawns and bait out other survivors. When 2 survivors remain, emergency escape hatches open and all previously closed pathways open to allow killers and survivors quick access to them. Perks and items will have to be reassessed or not used to keep things fair in this mode. Modifications may need to be made, but I believe this can be a fun twist on Dead by Daylight.


  • YaiPaYaiPa Member Posts: 709

    New game modes=splitting the already lacking devs team=even more bugs.

    New game modes=splitting the community=even longer queue times.

    Also it seems to me a legit DeathGarden ripoff, like revealing the position late game, or moring instantly but with respawns...

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