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what i expect from devs to be looked at

now i am not like god at this game or have most hours at this game ( 500 hours as killer i guess and 200 as survivor) , but here is my optinion on what should be looked at to make game more enjoyable for both sides ! :

1) noed - i dont like take it as killer but i understand people taking it , but as a solo survivor i have 0 info on totems , how can i know how many totems are remaining other than i did cleanse , swf can count it together but as a solo survivor i feel helpless with it

2) buff numbers on underpowered perks - i understand reworking perks takes time , but buffints its numbers is so freaking simple yet there are like hundred of useless perks , thats dissapointing

3) insta heals ( the pink ones ) - i can stand a purple ones since it heals only 1 health state but the pink one that heals insta 2 health states is so unbalnced . take it as a x 4 and game is over for a killer

4 ) mori ( pink one ) - same as insta heal , its so frustraiting , green and yellow one are okay , but the pink one is also frustrating to play against as pink insta heal ...

5) nerf / buff killers - nurfe nurse/spirit addons but at same time buff weak killers ,,,, it feels so bad playing for example wraith and getting bmed almost all games if you dont outsmart survivors ,,,, its not that hard to buff wraith or bubba...

6 ) give sth to solo survivors . smb like me who has no friends and play solo as survivor has so many disadvantages as survivor compalre to swf ... they know how many totems were cleansed . they know each other perks and killer perks ,,, they know each other locations and killer locations , they can time efficienly between generator and hook saving , and also which killer it is

7) reduce grind - i know its in plans but might aswell drop it here

8) add some new modes for fun maybe in week rotation or month . like 2 v 8 or that killer and survivor can ban 5 of perks from each other . bring sth new to the game

9 ) rework legion :) #this legion is blehhhhh mehhh , 0 fun

10 )rewrok maps like autohavens . it is so tilting to play autohavens as a stealth killer ..........

11 ) rework legion map - i have reduced fps on legion map

12 ) while you add or rework killer give him interesting / new and fun addons . not like freddys z block addons . even if it was good its so boring , ( i like the idea of freddy addon that make all generator bleed its big plus but there need be way more addons like this ! )

13 ) make chase music as a killer less noisy or make survivor do louder noises ... as a killer i want to use my ears to my advantage , but i cant with that music

14) fix the hitbox on a window fall ... when im survivor and i use window from height and i fall i can sometimes get hit when i am clearly falling mid air and the killer should have never be able to hit me

15 ) nerf balanced landing ... it makes haddonfrield unplayable as a killer

16 ) add 2nd objective or make ruin as a base kit ... i dont want be forced to use ruin to perform best as a killer .

17 ) keep in mind adding new killers , that dont make survivors control their abilities ( looking at plauge and ghostface )

18 ) also reduce ghostface cooldown ...... if he gets kicked out of his ability he has nothing going for him , maybe crouch but not enough ,,,,

19 ) make m1 killers more dangerous

20 ) make skillchecks more interesting like add some concept . maybe like in friday 13 add sth like u need also press x/ z besides m1 click . its so boring doing it for 80 sec for each generator doing it all matches ... / make survivors more fun to play in doing objectives . atm playing survivor is only fun when killer chases you or when u hide and troll that way ...

maybe i missed some points but i guess its enough for start :)

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