Bullying by a mod and players in a post I made is this the norm in the forums?

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I was bullied in a post for an idea for the game that I have and the mod was in on the bullying too and closed the discussion. Is this the norm around here?


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    I understand your frustration, and while it may seem like it was entirely unwarranted, it was warranted only just.

    As an OP, you're held to a higher standard of politeness and civility than whoever comes barging in on your post. While the mod in question voiced his/her opinion, do not take it as a statement from a mod, only another player (which is why I think sometimes mods should have alternate accounts that don't say "Mod" for getting into discussions, but that's a topic for a different time). The last mod closed the post because you rose to the bait of the comments and couldn't defend with evidence and whatnot. It was probably unfair to just close your post without giving you fair warning, but now you know. I'm sure it was nothing personal.

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    Please explain to me how I rose to the bait? I was giving an example of how to deal with other players who try and belittle other players post game. for example that guy who called me a noob and cussed, my reply to him was so what? call me what you want to it doesnt bother me it was an example

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    Took the time to read the posts. You act like some of the immature people on the post. "I would say GGEZ" and such. "Bad Noob Killer" it is the toxic behavior and general negativity towards anyone that disagreed with you. Mandy brought up several good points it would only lead to more trash talk and insults being thrown at the end game. Again something the majority of people here are tired of seeing.

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    My examples of how to deal with personal attacks were immature? Ive never said ggez or noob killer to anyone post game ive had it said to me before plenty of times does it bother me? No it doesnt bother me which was my point im not scared to read the post game chat im actually shocked that people are that bothered by it and if they are then I believe these players need to be empowered they dont need to bothered or worried about what other people say to them in the post game chat especially toxicity or personal attacks

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    The 1st one you have written "giving the toxic user attention" are you referring to me being toxic or that other person? Thank you for taking the time to break this down

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    And the 2nd one i can understand me using the lol and saying its hilarious could be taking out of context thank you for pointing that out.

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    Either side can start being toxic. However, when you give them the reaction like you are joking at all or trying to blow them off. You are giving them what they want. You are enabling their ability to be toxic. It simply for the most part isn't what most people want to deal with game after game. They are not offended by Post Game Chat they are more disappointed in it.

    The second one I do refer a lot of people to:


    Insulting someone / Making Light of what they said is not defeating their argument. It is just rude to do. You can attack someone's logic and debate which is perfectly fine it is what the forums enables you to do. However, oh scranton is a crap killer so nobody should listen to him since he is a survivor main (Or whatever) is illogical and just putting others down. Similar to with your second comment is doing.

    The third one I can generally see your point, however, what most people are saying is they are tired of dealing with the toxic behavior. Not that it upsets them. Toxicness in this game was like a teenage phase. It was funny at first. Now people are telling other players to die in some horrible accident and other [BAD WORD] has gone on too long and too far.

    Although, I am 110% behind proper naming and shaming that comes to the form of like "Hacker here is proof" or similar rather than just insult throwing. It is not really allowed here on the forums to prevent witch hunting. The majority simply play the game to have fun and generally don't care if they win or lose. However, some take it to the point to make the games so swayed as far as fairness goes then gloat later like it took them skill to beat scratch mirror myers on blood lodge or ghostface dealing with OBO. In addition to stream sniping and other problems that exist within the core balance of the game. This is where the 'hate mail' of post game chat really becomes a buzzkill for most people.

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    When you put it that way I can understand. Its like..not wanting to fan the flames from a toxic player if they insult me or someone else by responding to them. Maybe from now on I wont respond to them at all. Im an information/stats person and my idea for wanting to know if people pipped or not was based solely on that premise and for finding different ways to get better at the game which I think adding this information could help but I understand not everyone agrees that it would and I respect that. Hey thanks! & that link you sent is very informative and is a really good piece of knowledge to share I will pass it on when I can.

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    The Co-Ordinator that commented has only explained why they think the idea might cause toxicity in the game and the moderwter commented as the thread was not going in a civil direction and we have to close such threads then.

    If you felt like at any given point people were attacking you, you can report them through the flagging system. Refer to this forum guide to see how: https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/discussion/95/forum-guide and the rules here: https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/discussion/94/community-guidelines

    If you have any complaints to make, shoot me up a dm for a discussion. 

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