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Every Rose Has a Thorn Chapter

GuardianoftheCrystalGuardianoftheCrystal Member Posts: 77
edited August 2019 in Creations

Chapter Name: Every Rose Has A Thorn 

The Killer: The Gardner 

Speed: 4.6m/S 

Height: Tall 

Base Terror Radius 32m 


Gardening Rake 


    Born into a world of cruelty and malice, young Johnathan however found light in all of it by gardening. He loved it beyond reason and created the most luxurious gardens in his time. He had a green thumb thanks to his mother who shared a similar interest in botanical knowledge. After his mother died when he was twenty-five, he just received a letter from an incredibly wealthy family.


   The family owned a mansion that had one of the most beautiful of gardens in North America. After his mother's estate had been finished, he was escorted to the mansion that was mounted on top of a dreary hillside overlooking a vast mountain range. The family he worked for at first seemed rather kind, loving and gentle and took him in with open arms. 

   But of course there was more that met the eye. Months after starting his job, he had to care and tend to the gardens that resided on the property. He was always seen talking to the flowers and plants that grew there. Johnathan had no real friends, the plants were his friends. Plus he also considered the plants to be kind of vessels, a means of speaking to his dead mother that he missed so much. 

    The youngest member of the Family he worked for always watched the gardner hard at work, caring and tending to the plants. The boy teased and taunted Johnathan constantly to the point of sheer annoyance. He threatened the boy a few times when no one was looking, but then one day the boy vanished completely out of nowhere. 

   Unfortunately for Johnathan the second youngest of the siblings had overheard their conversation, and the young girl told her parents what she had heard Johnathan say. Outraged they threatened to fire him if he didn't find their child. Johnathan had no clue where the little brat had gone, but he was forced to search for him nonetheless because he dreaded the thought of losing his job. 

    His search for the boy led him into the strange mysterious fog covered forest. It was in the middle of the night when he heard the crunching of bones and the splatter of blood. He was terrified to continue forward but he must. If the boy was in any danger he'd have to attempt to save him. The horrors that he feared came true as the sight of the child's mangled body bestowed upon his vision.

   Starving wolves had been mauling and eating at the corpse of the child and the sheer shock had washed over him, all sanity of the Gardner had since fled him when he returned to the mansion. The family was grieved and had moved away from the mansion, leaving him the garden and the house to care for in their absence. The family had not been seen since and the fog from the forest had managed to seep its way up onto the house on the hill and Johnathan  had not been seen since. 

Power Putrid Botany 

 Hold down the power button to plant Putrid seeds into the ground you start the trial with ten seeds. Releasing the button will set a timer for the seeds to bloom. Once the timer has finished the Putrid Seeds bloom into Snapper Flowers. 

If a Survivor runs into a Snapper's reach, the Snapper will snap at their heels and cause the Survivor to yell, giving a sound notification to the killer. Snappers have vines that stretch out a few meters from where the Putrid Flower Bed has been planted and act as snares slowing survivors down whenever they cross the Snapper's path. 

 Putrid Flower beds can be planted in various locations on the map. They may be planted on chests, window vaults which temporarily blocks a vaulting window, and even on lockers. When they are in bloom they have 45 seconds before they wither and die. When a Putrid Flower Bed has withered, the Gardener regains a Putrid Seed that he lost when planting it. Survivors may attempt to pluck Putrid Flower beds. They gain 1,000 points in Boldness if the attempt of plucking Putrid Flower Beds is successful. Plucking Putrid Flower beds however exposes Survivors for 30 seconds.

Teachable Perks:

Green Thumb: You have a knack for growing things. At the start of the trial vaulting windows and lockers will be blocked by a wall of vines, pallets will also be restrained by vines hindering them incapable of being tossed down for 20/40/50 seconds.

Hex: Putrid Vines A hex rooting itself on deadly vines. When the trial starts and another active hex totem is on the map, Hex Putrid Vines activates. While the hex remains on the map any other hex perk will be protected by deadly vines that wrap around the totem. Any survivor who attempts to touch the totem will be exposed for 40/50/60 seconds. Cleansing Hex Putrid Vines will remove the vines permanently releasing any hex totem that is on the map. "They do not wish us to survive this night, they'll stop us at any cost"


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