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Can we agree that Wretched Shop is bullshit?

JakeM2436JakeM2436 Member Posts: 9
edited August 2019 in General Discussions

I'm writing this from the perspective of a Huntress main with 1.7k hours, so I apologise if anything I say here seems a bit biased.

Okay, so whenever I play as Huntress on Wretched Shop with good Survivors, they pretty much always use the shop.

Now, I'd be fine with that. But I'm never in a chase with the Survivor who's running it because they're actually getting further and further away from me the more they run it. So, what's the problem with that?

I'm not getting Bloodlust. So, I literally cannot catch up to the Survivor no matter what.

"Oh, just throw a hatchet through the window to the other side!"

Okay, that might work once (although I've never actually done it before, and I've been a Huntress main for a while). But if the Survivor isn't stupid, they'll alternate between taking the window and going around it to avoid the hatchet, or just dodge it altogether. Even if they do go around the window, they can still gain distance anyway because it's a double window.

"Oh, just mindgame around it!"

It literally takes a whole 10 to 15 seconds to walk around the shop to get to the other window. The Survivor is easily going to have enough time to notice that I'm trying to cut them off. Besides, the Huntress' lullaby is directional, so they'll be able to hear where I'm coming from (unless they've changed that, of course).

"Oh, just leave the Survivor!"

...Right, and have the next Survivors I start chasing run me around the same loop? Yeah, no.

"4 Survivors can't run the loop at the same time though!"

Yeah, and I can't chase multiple people at once either unless they're all together and I have crazy hatchet cooldown addons. Face it, it ain't happening.

So, how would we go about fixing it?

Block off one of the windows. It's literally that simple. That's what happened to Fractured Cowshed (although there are other issues on that map that make it imbalanced). The shop already has enough tiles nearby that Survivors could use, and Killers like The Huntress could benefit from alike in terms of mindgames.

Now obviously, The Huntress is the most heavily map-dependent Killer in the whole game. There are other maps which might also be in need of a bandaid fix e.g Family Residence and Fractured Cowshed. But, I think Wretched Shop stands out to me.

Ultimately, it's disappointing to see an amazing Killer with so much skill potential be shut down more and more with every new map that is released.


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