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Alright..time for some perk change ideas..let's see if the devs like them

Thanantophonia: simple this one. Just increase the numbers by say..2 percent each ? Seriously I've been praying this would come back I just love this perks whole idea

Devour hope: a way to increase its potential usage, let it only spawn after two tokens gained so maybe itll last more often till it at least does something..maybe keep the haste as a permanent buff till the totem is cleansed perhaps could be fun too

Huntress' lullaby: it shouldnt be revealed to survivors bare minimum till they miss a skill check..theres no reason for it to imo

Iron maiden : honestly I feel I'd get way more use from this perk if the exposed was replaced with a 4 second aura read or perhaps inflicting injuries instead , the 15 second exposed is a total joke and will never get used in 99 percent of games

Plunderers instinct: why doesnt it open chests a bit faster instead of pharmacy? Or maybe let them both do it? Lol I just enjoy this perk tbh

Unrelenting: just a small change but maybe have it work with miss piggys dash? I feel itd be potentially useful at least for her

Furtive chase : just make the tr reduction just without the chase requirement , the setup and downsides I feel would feel less..weird this way

Tinkerer: frankly this perk is..baaaad....why not make it to where when a gen explodes, the killer loses tr instead, itd be much better and may see some use

Overwhelming presence : very gimmicky, not even useful on doctor , so why not make it give a gen speed debuff when in tr instead? Dunno really it's kinda limited as a tr perk

Cant really think of any more right off the top..thoughts ?


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