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The Legion needs a buff

When The Legion was changed, the goals were to make them stronger while making them more fun to play against. In my opinion, the changes failed phenomenally: Feral Frenzy is incredibly weak and the 4.6 m/s might be nice but they're not enough to justify a power that's only beaten in uselessness by The Wraith. The vaulting and running speed in Feral Frenzy is so low that even if you find three people on a generator, you're probably not going to be able to hit more than one of them unless you're using strong add-ons or the survivors just play really poorly. Additionally, you don't see Sprint Marks and one risky window hit can end your power and lose you the game instantly. I just don't understand how such a weak power has those kinds of drawbacks. Also, once you did get that hit, it's not even the "free hit" that most people call it. After all, you're stuck in a debilitating stun that feels worse than The Nurse's fatigue and once that stun allowed the survivors to get to a loop you have absolutely nothing to help you in chases. Before the rework, The Legion might have been problematic but at least they were unique and could do something with their power. The only reason I still play them is because I really like the premise and the way they SHOULD feel to play. But right now, playing The Legion is just a stressful struggle for some kind of map pressure which the new, super forgiving Deep Wound does not provide at all. Getting 4Ks feels good but can usually be traced back to severe survivor mistakes. Against good survivors, even killing two survivors is basically impossible as The Legion. They are the definition of a high-risk-no-reward killer and it's heartbreaking since a lot of fans, me included, actually actually like everything about The Legion other than what they actually do in-game.

Now that I've finished my rant, here are a few of my ideas:

  1. Commit to them not having a viable power and increase their base Movement Speed to 4.8 m/s or even higher.
  2. Completely rework them. This might cost a bunch of resources but it might be worth it seeing how well the community responded to the Character Designs and how hated The Legion is in-game. Bringing us a strong but counterplayable Legion might sit well with a lot of fans and possibly bring some variety into red ranks.
  3. At least make them less miserable to play: I get that these kinds of changes can be tough to balance but I highly doubt that anyone thinks that the way a Legion player get punished just for pressing M2 at all is not justified: Let them see Scratch Marks, decrease the Cooldown Stun time, inrease their vaulting speed and either increase the Feral Frenzy movement speed and duration or remove the instant disable on missed hits. With these changes, The Legion probably won't become strong or even viable but at least they would feel less awful to play.

What do you guys think about the current state of The Legion? Do you have any ideas what to do about them or any comments about mine? Be sure to let me know and maybe we can get the devs to do something about it when they have the time for it.


  • xllxENIGMAxllxxllxENIGMAxllx Member Posts: 907

    They do not need rework only an update. i made countless of thread and post on how to solve them.

    The buff they need for sure is a 3s cooldown an increase for both duration and ms in frenzy.

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