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Locker warp perk for killers.

Gain the ability to see lockers across the map (200m radius?) when using the focus key (f on PC) upon releasing the ability on a locker, the killer will dissolve into a mist, and have their charecter model projected infront of the locker they have focused on. After selecting the locker they undergo a 5s channel where the player charecter vision darkens considerably, where their body slowly dissapears where they can do nothing but walk around and look (similar to Freddy's teleport with class photo.) Upon doing so the perk goes on cool down for 120/90/60s, reforming is almost instantaneous. The killer cannot preform an attack until they are fully reformed which will take around 1-1.5s after the teleport.

The goal behind this perk is to give low mobility killers the opportunity to travel across the map efficently and to places they might not normally reach similar to with the Freddy rework and inspired by the ghostface concepts people were leaving.

Another idea is tying the cooldown to hooks, so it would start of at 120s, but every time a survivor is hooked the timer is reduced by a maximum of 60s.


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