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Getting rank at The Plague is too difficult.

SeregiusSeregius Member Posts: 123

Sorry for my not ideal English.

I can suggest than "Chaser" emblem grows too slow at the Plague. May be the other emblems can be with bugs at her.

For example, I suggest you to Watch this video:


At this video killer got normal 3 emblems. But not "Chaser". As you can see, killer chased all survivors enough quickly. At this video player made a lot of actions and made 4-0 without camping and tunnel. Survivors did not repare all 5 generators. And killer did not get the rank pip. May be this video is not an ideal example but similar situations happen very often. Getting the pip at red ranks is almost impossible for The Plague. Only for her. Not for the other killers. It is very difficult even at purple ranks. I ask you to solve this problem. 

Thank you for your attention.


  • AntiFlowXAntiFlowX Member Posts: 13

    I know this post is 2 Month Old but it is still relevant. I was playing the Plaque only over the last Week every Day and you simply cannot Rank up with her. The Emblems are working against her and not in favour of her. I get 27k+ Point Games with 3-4 Kills every Round and the most you get is a Black Pip. With Luck you get an +1 Pip. With every other Killer with these Resuts you get a +1 most Times and sometimes +2 Pip.

    This Game as an Example was a 27K 3 Kill Game and i Got a Black Pip for all this work.

    The Malicious Emblem is the Emblem that works the most against the Plaque. When People cleanse to give the PLaque one of her Powers you get punished for that hard.

    Please look at her Emblems and fix it because i realy started to like her very much :)

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