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I’m only just now grasping how powerful Dream Projection is as a chase tool.

DudeDeliciousDudeDelicious Member Posts: 4,734
edited August 14 in General Discussions

And not just as a gen pressure tool or mind game tool.

Sure it’s friggin great paired with PGTW & and an info perk. Sure it’s hilarious cancelling Dream Projection at the last moment to have a survivor run straight into you

But I had a “penny drop” moment today about just how truly useful it is to use Dream Projection during a chase.

Sure I read it was great as a chase tool, and I agreed.

Sure i’d watched it in action and accepted it could be used this way.

But it’s not until you actually experience it in action for yourself that you start to fully appreciate just how good it works, and WHY it works so well, ESPECIALLY when chasing a sleeping survivor.

Being only intermittently visible outside of 16m during a chase is actually a pretty big deal (even BETTER with Pill Bottle whereby you’re not consistently visible to a survivor until within 12 metres from them). In this intermittently visible range you can use a teleport to a gen in the general vicinity the survivor is heading towards to your great advantage. You can have a survivor run almost right into you before they realise it’s too late.

When chasing sleeping survivors the non directional lullaby makes this even more effective, because the lullaby doesn’t warn a survivor that you’re now suddenly in front of them.

Using the Teleport as a chase tool isn’t easy. It takes a few moments to get your bearings to orient yourself back in the direction of the survivor you’re chasing, but it’s oh so gloriously satisfying getting in a hit or a down with this.

It gives me renewed appreciation for just how well thought out this rework is (on the most part), and why he is still categorised as “hard” because of how multifaceted he actually is.


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