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Vigil could use a buff

With Exhaustion only recovering while not running, I feel like giving Vigil a small number buff would be appropriate. When the perk came out, Vigil's main use was shaving 8 seconds off Sprint Burst for multiple Sprint Bursts in one chase. This synergy was really strong which is why any more than a 20% decrease would've been too much. However, now that that is no longer an option, the 20% just don't seem very impactful considering that you can't use the saved time in-chase anyway. However, if it were 30% or 40% you could still do some neat stuff with it for perks like Head On.


  • MiloMilo Member Posts: 4,447


    Another main problem is that most status effects are pernament. So having the % higher wouldnt hurt anymore

  • PennosukePennosuke Member Posts: 51
    edited August 14

    How about make Vigil become the "anti-status effect add-ons" perk ?

    You look over your friends even in dire situations.

    You and your Allies within 8 metres of range recover from Hemorrhage , Mangled , Hindered and Blindness Status Effects 50/60/70 % faster and recover from Exhaustion Status Effects 30 % faster.

    Once out of range, this effect persists for 15 seconds.

    "I'm gonna be here when you wake up. You're gonna make it." — Quentin Smith


    If I'm not wrong,this perk used the "recover from ... faster" words which means it working same as the old version of Enduring perk ( (base duration/(base recovery rate + perk buff) ) ).

    For example : Pallet stuns duration with (old) Enduring Tier 3 = 2/(1 + 0.75) = 1.14 sec

    So that's means...

    From all possible duration caused by perks & add-ons

    Status effects duration without Vigil -> with (current) Vigil Tier 3

    120 sec -> 100 sec

    60 sec -> 50 sec

    50 sec -> 41.67 sec

    40 sec -> 33.33 sec

    30 sec -> 25 sec

    15 sec -> 12.5 sec

    ...we can see that even we try to used it for recover from other status-effects faster than try to recover from Exhuastion faster, these number still not worth enough to waste 1 perk slot.

    So with my buff idea, the total duration time is...

    Status effects duration (except Exhuastion) without Vigil -> with (my idea) Vigil Tier 3

    120 sec -> 70.59 sec

    60 sec -> 35.29 sec

    50 sec -> 29.41 sec

    40 sec -> 23.53 sec

    30 sec -> 17.65 sec

    15 sec -> 8.82 sec

    Exhuastion duration without Vigil -> with (my idea) Vigil Tier 3

    120 sec -> 92.3 sec

    60 sec -> 46.15 sec

    50 sec -> 38.46 sec

    40 sec -> 30.76 sec

    30 sec -> 23.08 sec

    The number of percentage maybe too high but it still can't counter Exposed , Broken and some status effects that required to fully heal to return to normal.

    ...and the reason why I cap the Exhuastion recover rate at 30 % is the current recover rate is too low while I don't want to make Vigil recovers from Exhuastion too fast because Exhuastion mechanic is design for make survivor almost impossible to used Exhuastion-perks more than 1 time while in chase,So it still needs a buff but not much as other status effects.

  • 8obot1c8obot1c Member Posts: 1,129

    What if you had Vigil and when you were exhausted and running it goes down half the speed for if you were walking or crouching and goes down faster when walking or crouching.

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