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Everything we complain about has counter play.

GrootDudeGrootDude Member, Trusted Posts: 12,231
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Gen rush? Stop chasing survivors for more than 30 seconds, don’t chase a survivor you just hit if someone else was on the gen, drop chase if you catch someone on a gen, perks are in the game to boost you where you fail so if gen rush is a problem for you then you should try ruin or PGTW or even both.

Billy? You can typically dodge his chainsaw if he isn’t revving it right behind you, if he is curving you can usually dodge the saw, don’t three gen yourselves and if you’re having troubles keeping up with his movement then try running OoO or Spine chill.

Spirit? If she is phasing then constantly change your direction, this confuses most spirits that I’ve seen, strong windows are her greatest counter, when she isn’t phasing loop her, pallets are still safe to an extent against her.(Iron will and Spine Chill help against Spirit)

DS? If you’re pressuring gens then you shouldn’t be running back to the hook, slug them, if they hop in a locker then eat the DS they’ll regret it at endgame.

Prayer beads? You could always gen tap, she’ll get that first hit on you but then the chase begins, perks like spine chill or premonition will help here.

Noed? Cleanse the dull totems, rainbow map makes this easier or a green map with killer belongings tracker, small game and detectives hunch also help here.

Adrenaline? Pressure the gens and kill them before it activates, bring noed if adrenaline is a big problem for you.

Iri head hatchets? If she isn’t right behind you using them then you can dodge it, plus she is still loopable.

Mori? Play immersed, spine chill, premonition or OoO will help you be immersed.

Insta-heal? Insta-down or Franklin’s Demise are your best bets.

Key? Franklin’s Demise or tunnel the key holder.

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