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[Léry's Memorial Institute: Treatment Theatre] Bugged Hooks

ImmersedNurseImmersedNurse Member Posts: 397

Platform: PC

Issue: After a survivor was rescued from a hook, the hook's aura was still highlighted in yellow to me (as if the survivor was still hooked). Some of the affected hooks also had the Entity's manifestation around them. I was unable to hook a survivor on any of these hooks which led to around 6 hooks being unable to be used for the duration of the game. I asked if anything was strange for the survivors in post-game chat and one of them said the hooks were bugged and the second-hook phase struggle was not behaving properly.

Reproduce: This is the first time the bug has happened to me and I haven't experienced it again. I was playing as The Cannibal using Hex: Ruin (I), Barbecue & Chili (II), Franklin's Demise (II) and Enduring (I) on Léry's Memorial Institute. The add-ons I was using were Long Guide Bar and Vegetable Oil.

Frequency: I've only encountered the bug once.


I wasn't sure exactly which category to put this so I apologize if it is in the wrong one.

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