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Suggestion - Buff killers vs SWF

When survivors play SWF, make these changes:

2 SWF - killers get 1 extra perk

3 SWF - killers get 1 extra perk, 1 extra addon

4 SWF - killers get 2 extra perks, 1 extra addon

The survivors not in the SWF (for 2 and 3 SWF) get 1 extra perk.


2 SWF - these survivors both lose 1 perk slot

3 SWF - same as above

4 SWF - all survivors lose 2 perk slots.

Come at me!


  • ThaznarThaznar Member Posts: 828

    This will never happen and should not happen as SWF is not the problem. Survivor side and tools they have - these are problematic as most killers just cannot deal with them effectively to apply pressure.

  • ImKateDensonImKateDenson Member Posts: 12

    oh boiiiii this forum is soo funny. Do you really think at what you write ? XD stop complain about killer need to be buff when the only think who need a buff is the player who play the killer, every killer is viable just get better

  • RaptorrotasRaptorrotas Member Posts: 1,154

    (Can't believe i agree with Thaznar lol)

    Debuffing swf will not help the game.

    The difference between Swf and solo is all external. No difference in ingame mechanics.

    • Knowledge of the skill level of your teammates
    • More than 60 seconds planning phase
    • Asurrance that they'll "play as a team"

    And thats just swf as "intended". Voicechat adds the whole flood of information.

    When swf gets any debuff, the truly biggest douches (for the lack of a better world) will just go back to rolling lobbies till theyre together again. Happened before, would happen again.

  • ThaznarThaznar Member Posts: 828

    Why you can't believe you agree with me? Maybe we have more views in common than you think even though mine can be sometimes quite controversial ;)

  • FlipRickyDonksFlipRickyDonks Member Posts: 12

    This is a terrible idea outright. The devs should not punish people who wanna play with friends. Period. Also I don't think you understand the inherent problem of why SWF is so strong, and extra perks slot won't fox that.

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