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An Idea For Totems

This just popped into my head, but I kind of like it. Numbers are purely for effect; they can be changed to balance the idea!

If someone is using a Hex perk:

Every..let's say 60 seconds..A Lit Totem will turn Dull and a Dull totem will light up. Basically; the Hex(s) will bounce around the map.

The timer will pause if someone is breaking the totem, and resume if they stop for any reason. Note: It does not RESET, it only PAUSES.

If a totem is Cleansed, the Hex can no longer bounce to that totem, of course.

The reasoning behind this idea:

Let's face it; if someone in a SWF even SEES your Totem, it's as good as Cleansed. You can hook them, you can Mori them. You can camp them until they die; the Hive Mind of SWF now knows where that Lit Totem is and NOTHING a Killer does will protect it, since they really have to focus on Gens.

This is..kind of not fair. The idea of Totems is fine until you bring SWF into the mix; if one person saw the Totem, killing that person removed the threat. Not so with voice coms!

With this idea, if a Killer stops someone from Cleansing for 1 minute (or whatever), the Totem as effectively re-hidden itself...MAYBE!

There's always the chance that a Dull Totem 3 feet from that Gen a Survivor is on might light up!

This allows a Killer to MAYBE protect his Totem, but still allows it to be Cleansed, since it can't hide if there are no Dull Totems for it to bounce too.


  • BossBoss Member, Trusted Posts: 7,586

    I imagine a Trapper wouldn't particularly like it.

    And I would like my Devour Hoppe to stay put if it's in a great spot.

    But I actually like it overall.

  • BaphomettBaphomett Member Posts: 394
    edited August 15

    All I'm thinking is that no one will ever have to find a totem again, just leave an easily accessible dull totem around while you work gems, etc. When it lights up, buh-bye hex.

    This basically nerfs ruin into the ground, along with all other hexes that aren't NOED.

  • legionsunitlegionsunit Member Posts: 57

    This still doesn't stop the constant complaining about totems from survivors that won't clean the bones. Great idea tho

  • Locker_MonsterLocker_Monster Member Posts: 496

    Except then you have to keep looking at that dull totem.

    What if no gens are near it? You waste time going back to it.

    What if you messed up & now it's in a 3-gen patrol? No way to clear it now!

  • BaphomettBaphomett Member Posts: 394

    True, but I've never played a match without at least one dull totem next to a gen. It might work in the killer's favor once in a while, but the vast majority of the time it would not.

  • Locker_MonsterLocker_Monster Member Posts: 496

    Maybe with a Totem location rework? Would it work then?

  • BaphomettBaphomett Member Posts: 394

    Maybe, but they've been struggling with totem placement for years and we don't want to distract them, do we? =)

  • BaphomettBaphomett Member Posts: 394

    Btw, I actually think it's a neat idea and would love to see something more in interesting around totems, that just has too many unintended consequences.

  • legionsunitlegionsunit Member Posts: 57

    Ok so if the hexs move around the map to other dull totems that's great and all. But the issue with it is people will complain even more because now not only do you clense it once in theroy where it moves you now have to clean it 5 times. And people don't even take the time to do one now.

  • Locker_MonsterLocker_Monster Member Posts: 496

    Oh! No, if you cleanse the Lit Totem, the Hex is gone.

    It only bounces if it has not been cleansed.

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