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About that HATCH

Am I the only one who thinks that if survivors dont get atleast 3 gens done the hatch shouldnt show up at all. I liked it when there was 4 gens left cause they were to busy looking for the hex totems or being to altruistic rather then doing gens, now theyve made it to easy for survivors that they dont have to even do a gen and can still get the hatch any one else with me on this that it should go back to how it was also that means end game wouldnt be able to start until 3 gens are left


  • AWesley91AWesley91 Member Posts: 151

    Simple. The hatch is there because the devs do not completely hate solo players who get stuck with potatoes. 😂 but you're right. The old hatch was better. No end game collapse, just hatches.

  • Ihitscenekids23Ihitscenekids23 Member Posts: 29

    What they should do to sort out the [BAD WORD] players from the good ones is, do it by hours like ranks 20-18 is 300 or less hours and then 17-15 is 500 and so on, ontop of that for swf make it that they have to be within 2 ranks of one another so it all evens out

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