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Recolors for skins that don't have any

RosalindRosalind Member Posts: 31
edited August 2019 in Off-topic

Questions to the devs, would it ever be possible to get some recolored skins for the ones that don't have any ? Because I think it would be cool, it wouldn't require as much effort as creating an entire skin would and it would allow more customisation for players (for example: Jane has a purple skin that has no recolors and I was thinking it owuld be nice if she had like a completly black/white/red top with a brown/black handbag for the torso, black/light blue/dark blue jeans for the legs and a completly white/blue/black bow with different makeup for the head, the same goes for every character that has a skin with only one color...).

(EDIT: I figured out "off-topic" wasn't the right place for this comment so I reposted it but since I don't know how to delete my post I think it's gonna stay here, sorry :s)

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