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To prestige or max perks and add ons at P0L50?

pemberleypemberley Member Posts: 1,395

Jane’s the only character I have at P3-50 with all perks unlocked because she’s my favorite.

I have Myers at P1-50, with some extra perks, same with Plague although I’ve been debating p3ing her because I like her look. Freddy, my main killer, I never prestiged because I knew he was getting reworked and I didn’t want another Overwatch golden gun situation if I hated it so I have a buttload of perks and add ons on him.

I leveled Ash to p1-40 because I thought Bloody Ash was canon and I’ve never really seen him clean for very long.

Laurie, Claudette, Nea, David, Doc, Hag, Pig, Trapper, and currently working on Wraith are at level 50.

Tldr; should I start prestiging and maxing characters? Or leave off, get a nice outfit, and get perks and stuff from 50? Do you think any of the prestige outfits are worth it? Who’s your favorite?


  • Cornpopers_EvanCornpopers_Evan Member Posts: 1,395
    edited August 2019

    If you don't have anything better to do in game then yeah start prestigeing your characters. As for the bloody outfits, I really love both Ghostface's and Michael's outfit and mask but not crazy about the weapons.

  • citroncitron Member Posts: 47

    I regret all my prestige characters but for some reason I keep doing it.

  • RydogRydog Member Posts: 1,580

    I would never prestige. It's a waste of time and Bloodpoints that you could be using for other characters.

    You get bragging rights, I guess (which I think is a 100% stupid and worthless reason to prestige, it is a video game). And you get some retextured clothes, which I personally think is a pretty useless reward because I'd rather engage fully with the other cosmetics that are available rather than feel compelled to use bloody clothes all the time.

  • indieeden7indieeden7 Member Posts: 1,092

    Ngl I like prestiging, I hated doing it for my first survivor and killer but after that, you have a main to play while you prestige the other characters you want.

  • Buily09Buily09 Member Posts: 442
    edited August 2019

    I prestiged a lot back in days. Now I regred that because it's serious waste of your time (--> bloodpoints).

    Prestige also dropped a lot on top of that when they added Store.

  • AngryFluffyAngryFluffy Member Posts: 324

    I only prestige my main characters.

    I have Nea in P3 with all perks and I don't regret it at all, since I wanted her bloody outfit.

    I'm currently saving BPs to prestige Ghostface. Maybe going for Meg, too.

    It only makes sense to prestige if you want to have the outfit. If you won't use the outfit, it would be a waste.

  • OrionOrion Member Posts: 11,721

    Max perks. Skins are useless. The grind will also be even worse the next time around.

  • anarchy753anarchy753 Member Posts: 2,107

    I always prestige to max first. At the end when I have a P3 50 character (all perks optional) I don't have this constant lingering reminder that the character is incomplete. It just feels more finished to have them really maxed out.

    Also, if you then ever decided you did want to prestige, every extra level spent over 50 has just been wasted points.

    I barely even use the prestige cosmetics, but I like having them if I do want them.

  • GrootDudeGrootDude Member, Trusted Posts: 13,426


  • YaiPaYaiPa Member Posts: 975

    Bloodweb change is incoming, it will be easier to find the perks you want. Once you reach the 50 lvl cap of whatever prestige, stop wasting bp.

  • CrispyChestnutsCrispyChestnuts Member Posts: 107

    Don't forget the main point of prestiging, it makes higher rarity stuff spawn more on your bloodweb. But personally I just prestige my main survivor and then maxed her out

  • TAGTAG Member Posts: 5,060

    I have zero intention of prestiging any of my characters.

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