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Spirit Fury

UsuiUsui Member Posts: 290

Since MoM was obliterated and is used by no one now, why is spirit fury still allowed in its current state? 2 pallets is NOT enough, especially with all the pallet changes and map tweaks as of late. This is REALLY abusable at higher ranks where killers know how to play the game. If I need to take protection hits for my MoM stacks, killers should REQUIRE stuns from pallets to get the perk activated. Blows my mind this is still not discussed or nerfed yet!!!


  • nan1234nan1234 Member Posts: 75

    Spirit fury is counter-able by dropping pallets a bit early, or by looping around windows, negates the perk completely. SF is a strong perk, but I wouldn’t say it’s “ abusable”. Your suggestion will weaken the perk, and killers will lose an effective perk to deal with pallet looping. I think it’s now in a good place.

  • Buily09Buily09 Member Posts: 243

    Smart Survivors once they see or predict (=Killer is trying way too much get stunned under pallets) that you have SF , they will not give you chance to use it.

    So you end up with Perk that will help you end loops faster because they don't want to be hit by SF (drop pallet before Killer will get stunned).

    Also I had many matches where I used SF around 0-2 times and that's nothing crazy to pay for one Perk slot.

    Overall very good perk with Enduring, but have some counterplay and only "OP" agaits baby Survivors.

  • ToastfaceKillaToastfaceKilla Member Posts: 194

    Considering that you need to take 2 perks to actually use Spirit Fury, no. If it didn't require enduring to work then fair enough.

  • UsuiUsui Member Posts: 290

    It is 100% abusable especially by killers like hillbilly who don't care about how far away you get. Saying its not abusable tells me you don't play against killers with brains.

  • NoShinyPonyNoShinyPony Member Posts: 2,575

    The killer needs 2 perk slots to get the effect. The survivor can drop the pallet early to deny the killer the effect.

    And the pallets spawn too close to each other again. Often enough the killer does get the Spirit Fury effect, but he doesn't benefit from it, since the next pallet (or window) is close enough to be reached safely for the survivor. That's why I dropped Spirit Fury and now go with Bamboozle.

    Really, there is no reason to nerf Spirit Fury.

  • anarchy753anarchy753 Member Posts: 701

    "Abusable" doesn't just mean "used tactically."

    2 pallets is plenty, like others have said it's completely counterable from the survivor side, and anyone with half a brain will drop pallets early if they see a killer recovering with enduring.

    It's really simple, adapt your play, don't sit under pallets waiting for the killer to be in stun range, and drop a loop or two from a loop to drop it before they're under it.

    Other than that, it's just a perk lowering how spammy pallets are which is exactly its intention.

  • ReikoMoriReikoMori Member Posts: 1,158

    Spirit Fury doesn't get changed because it is not equivalent to old MoM. MoM punished killers for just attempting to play the game. There was no smart play to it and had no counter other than just turn the game off or play someone with an insta down. Spirit Fury doesn't punish survivors for playing the game and requires some smart play to be useful. It has always had counterplay in dropping palettes early, running windows, or just leaving the loop by taking a hit for speed boost.

  • MrPeterPFLMrPeterPFL Member Posts: 28

    There are counter play to it, try expanding your loop plays

  • MarcusMarcus Member Posts: 419

    Spirit Fury needs 2 perks slots to be effective ( unlike old MoM, which was effective by its own ) and survivors can just drop pallets earlier to counter your both perk slots. I see no reason for it to be nerfed.

  • twistedmonkeytwistedmonkey Member Posts: 1,716
    edited August 16

    Old MoM rewarded the survivor for the killer just doing what the killer does with no counter play.

    SF has counter play you the survivor drops the pallet earlier and avoids trying to stun. It also only means it only guarantees one hit after the 3rd pallet as once the survivor knows you have it the chances of it proccing again versus them in a chase should be practically nil.

    I can't see how a perk is abusable when it activation is in the survivors hands. It should only work for 1 hit with each survivors first chase at best.

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