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NeRf LeAtHeRFaCe

Omg so strong his tantrum is uncoutnerable because I just wanna feel sorry for him and stand there. And then he beats me to the ground with a hammer for being lactose itolerant

I suggest we make his chainsaw Heal survivors and if he ever uses m1all the hooks on the map get permanently destroyed. Even the basement hooks

Jokes aside. discussion posts about nerfing killers confuse me to high hell. I mean fair point if you wanna increase the punishment of a Billy missing one a chainsaw but making his chainsaw go on a lengthy cool down? We don't want a million killers all with powers that rely on a power gauge that'll get stale eventually

And then there's no compensation for these theoretical nerfs. Like the people making these posts don't want any strong killers in the game. But then that begs the question. What should killers be balanced around? Their usage stats? Kill rates? Or community feedback?

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