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Why am I getting so many ebony moris with leatherface?

I swear it's like every other bloodweb I'm getting an ebony mori meanwhile with the other killers I've leveled up to 50 I get maybe 1 ebony mori out of 5 blood webs if I'm lucky. Is it just me or does he get more moris?

Unfortunately leatherface sucks and I'd probably waste any mori I brought to a match anyway. One match I chased the same guy around the entire time just chainsawing every pallet he threw down and I could never catch up to him. I just laughed at how stupid it was.

Then one match I did the insidous camping thing and it actually worked pretty well. But I only did it to one survivor because I didn't want to be a jerk the entire game. I have to admit it was fun, although I'm sure the survivor I did it to wasn't entertained.

BTW Are there any good guides to playing leatherface? I'm trying to get good with him if that's possible or is insidious camping the only viable strategy?


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