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Game doesn’t work on Xbox

dr_strangelove10dr_strangelove10 Member Posts: 16

I know I’m not the only one that has had the Initialization Error like I’ve had the past 4 days, and I know someone in the company does unless their tickets are based on first cone first serve (which is another topic), but why is it that I still hear nothing back but automatic code responses?


  • LiquidAgLiquidAg Member Posts: 24

    I've always had the Initialization Error (never been able to play), and I've also had a hard time getting much help through support.

  • dr_strangelove10dr_strangelove10 Member Posts: 16

    After more research I found that this is a Microsoft problem, not Behavioural! And they won’t even acknowledge it exist, they’ll point the finger at Behavioural! So good luck!

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