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In The Dark (Creepypasta-based chapter)

naitsirhCnaitsirhC Member Posts: 32

In the dark

Based off of a creepy pasta, this chapter adds in The Rake as a new killer. The following is a fully developed Killer character idea.


The Rake is a psychedelic Killer. He is fast, but has a relatively large terror radius.

Difficulty Rating: Easy


Power: Teraphobia

When a survivor enters The Rake's terror radius, they are inflicted with extreme psychological damage. The survivor's control inputs are inverted and the screen is cast with a distortion similar to when a survivor is inside The Clown's tonic. This lasts for 3 seconds, and cannot be activated again for 15 seconds. (This timer is survivor-based, so the timer is not universal)

The Rake can place a maximum of 3 traps that give off the same effect. The traps cannot be triggered once inside of a chase. However, when the survivor IS in a chase and steps on a trap, they are given the Madness status effect.

Weapon: Tainted Touch

Similar to The Hag's claw, there is no physical weapon.

Personal Perks

Search & Destroy

When the survivor is spotted by the killer and enters a chase, the killer's terror radius depletes to 0 for 10 seconds. During this time, the killer has no red stain. Has a 60 second cooldown.

Hex: Clairvoyance

While the hex totem is active and NOT cleansed, all perks that allow the location of the killer to be revealed to the survivor's are rendered completely useless (This include things like premonition and spine chill. They are just grayed out until the hex is cleansed).


When a generator is completed, all the survivors that completed the generator have their location revealed to you for 3 seconds. However, their scratch marks are invisible for the remainder of that time.


  • Raven014Raven014 Member Posts: 3,938

    The power sounds... weak... madness by itself isn't strong, but the inversion of controls can be very powerful... but also has no real no counterplay.

    Search & Destroy sounds like a better Beast of Prey.

    Hex: Clairvoyance would be the best perk he has. A lot of survivors rely on Spine Chill, and would be a great perk for any stealth killer.

    Projection sounds like a worse Bitter Murmur.

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