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Stuck in a locker

janemain23janemain23 Member Posts: 2

I was trying to avoid bbq so I went into the locker with the killer near. I couldn't get out. I was the only person who could save 2 people on the hook and and injured person. Then the killer grabs me out of the locker and brings me to the basement. I was in struggle and it didnt pop up the thing to struggle but I did it anyway. I still died. Is wasnt my controller bc I played a game after that and it was normal. Why did this happen?


  • HellCatJaneHellCatJane Member Posts: 623

    I don't quite understand. Were you just in a locker, and you couldn't leave it? Like you were stuck inside, and then somehow the killer knew you were there and came and got you?

    Or was the killer nearby trying to grab you out and you couldn't jump out before he grabbed ? or something. I don't think killers can bodyblock lockers, maybe from going in but not going out?

    If you were in a locker and couldn't leave it, that seems like a bug.

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