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Disconnects causing you to down pip

rhys17rhys17 Member Posts: 1

I have been playing dead by daylight for a year and few months now and do enjoy the game but the one thing that makes me not like the game so much is specifically when my internet plays up and I'm disconnected or when I'm playing and it says that there is a connection issue and I end up losing pips I'm fine with it being that if you quit the game by your own choice you lose pips but when its caused by something that you cant really control then it really irritates me

Dont get me wrong the game is good but this issue in general just makes me and other players who experience the same issue not really want to play

I just hope they do something about this in the future!


  • WickedKatzWickedKatz Member Posts: 62

    That happens in every game, they can't tell the difference between a quitter and a bad conection.

  • rangerdanger0rangerdanger0 Member Posts: 35

    Yes you can.

    If you see someone DC but don't hear it...it's a connection DC but when you hear a sound an see a DC, thats someone quitting.

  • ElusivePukkaElusivePukka Member Posts: 527
    edited August 26

    Currently, the game can and does differentiate, they just don't use that data for releases - it's not difficult to tell connection issues from processes ending from clicking the disconnect button. When the dedicated servers come, it'll be even easier.

    Worse still is when the game punishes you for daring to allow it to crash: how dare the spaghetti code, poorly optimized graphics, and clashing/clipping geometries not run perfectly 100% of the time! Take a depip, no take 2 - I've even gotten 3 before.

    I'm fine with depips, even losing chunks of BP. I'm good enough that it's nothing a game or two won't fix. What I'm not fine with is the laissez faire attitude toward it from devs and players who don't deal with it.

  • JnnsMuJnnsMu Member Posts: 85
    edited August 27

    The fact that you can tell different kinds of disconnects apart from each other doesn't really matter here. You can't know this because you haven't been around for long but a while ago, disconnections caused by connection issues weren't punished. People used this by just pulling out their LAN-cables to disconnect without being punished. They would even keep their items. It's unfortunate but if you have a bad connection, that's your problem. Whenever you have a connection problem, not just you but everyone else in that game suffers from your disconnect. And losing a pip really isn't a big deal.

  • WickedKatzWickedKatz Member Posts: 62

    So you want behavior to moniter your microphone in other to see if you dc or not?

  • WickedKatzWickedKatz Member Posts: 62

    You can't do that because unplugging and losing your conection are the same. I didn't even mean leaving the match because i thought you guys would have enough brain cells to tell how it could be abused not depiping if your network fails.

  • ElusivePukkaElusivePukka Member Posts: 527

    @WickedKatz note that you didn't refute me, you merely split the two things that the system clusters as 'connection issues'

  • WickedKatzWickedKatz Member Posts: 62

    I just said the game can't differentiate, you said it can. That is the literal definition of refuting

  • TheRoyalOwlTheRoyalOwl Member Posts: 263

    It's not that simple, someone can pull the plug on purpose and be like oh it was just my internet acting up. They are waiting for Dedicated servers so they can tell how the person DCed.

  • ElusivePukkaElusivePukka Member Posts: 527


    You added specificity about an issue when it comes to unplugging and lost connection, which are currently difficult for the game to tell apart - and will be even after dedicated servers. That still leaves processes ending (which includes game crashes) and actually clicking 'leave match', which are two different things that the game as is can and does tell apart from 'connection issues'. So no, still no refutation from you.

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