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People being toxic

So I recently just played a game on XB where a David kept teabagging and taunting. Finally got him down (he was actually pretty good) and hooked. So I start to face camp. I didn't want him to die, just learn a lesson in manners. His friends saved him and I chased him to the exit gate. But made no real attempt to down him again. Afterwards he sends me a message saying, "ez campirino." So I responded and started being kind to him. After a couple messages he finally stopped messaging me because he couldn't provoke me. Just wanted to post this to remind everyone that it's just a game and there's no reason to be mean or obnoxious towards others who just want to have fun. Hope people who read this takes that to heart :)


  • ThePloopzThePloopz Member Posts: 1,010
    edited May 2018
    See I struggle with this if I get a salt message I just get so annoyed by it idk why though. So it usually results in an argument. 
  • AlexAnarchyAlexAnarchy Member Posts: 685

    @ThePloopz said:
    See I struggle with this if I get a salt message I just get so annoyed by it idk why though. So it usually results in an argument. 

    I just directly at this point look and see what the first comment I get is and if it's toxic , I leave, if it's decent, we might even have a nice conversation after :)

  • TotohliTotohli Member Posts: 41

    It ain't always easy to deal with those situations, but keep in mind that no matter what you do, good or bad, people will always find something to bring you down or to point out.
    Keep on finding enjoyment in what you do and find satisfaction in how you want to play the game, there will always be complaints, people will name you things that won't make sense, but in the end it is still a game which is not perfect and creates some bad situations.

    There's not much to do about really bad comments or insults/threats, they can stay in your head and ruin your day. It's a skill to move past them and keep on going, it takes time and experience.

  • Nalam_AndiiNalam_Andii Member Posts: 5

    My own example to give people an example is someone who private messaged me saying "f you all, I did all the work", I just gave him a gg and went on to the next game. I have to assume he sent the message to the other survivors as well.

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