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Suggestion: My perks balance

  • Suvivor perks

Boil over (buff): You obscure the killer´s ability to see Hook auras in 20m (all tiers).

Dance with me (buff): You leave no scratch marks for 5s.

Dark sense (buff): Trigger with all generators.

Deja vu (buff): The repair progress of revealed generators can be determined by the intensity of their auras.

Premonition (buff): Killer aura is revealed for 3s when trigger.

Slippery meat (buff): Grant up to 5 extra escapes with no penalty.

Up the ante (buff): Grant 3/4/5% bonus to Luck to all remaining survivors.

Left behind (rework): If no other survivor stay in 15m of you, grants 6% action speed. Left behind has 30/25/20s cd when disabled.

No mither (rework): You dont leave blood pools. When killer hurts you, you gain Fractured status. If you stays 60s out of the killer TR, Fractured status and injured state is healed.

No one left behind (rework): Increase your unhook speed 100%. When you are hooked, the progression of the entity is 10/15/20% slower.

Open handed (Rework): Other survivors in 20/28/36m of you can see auras that you can see.

  • Killer perks

Barbecue & chili (Nerf): After hooking a survivor, all others survivors auras are revealed to you for 4s when they are farther than 48m.

Hex: Huntress lullaby (buff): Hex icon showns when the survivor fail an skill check.

Insidious (buff): Now when insidious triggers, kill can read survivors aura in 8m.

Iron maiden (buff): Survivor who exit Lockers suffer from Exposed status effect from 30s.

Tinkerer (Buff): When a generator is repared at 75%, you receive a noise notification and your terror radius is reduced to 0m for 8/10/12s.

Unrelenting (buff): The cooldown of missed attacks is reduced by 20/30/40%.

Dying light (rework): You become obsessed with one survivor. Increase Altruistic action speed of the obsession 50%. Decreased Altruistic action speed of non obsession survivors 25%. When a non obsession survivor is hooked, reduced Altruistic action speed 10% from the obsession, up to a maximum of 30/40/50%.

Hex: Ruin (rework): When a generator is not being repared for any survivor, It received 3/4/5% regresion every 5s.

Monstrous Shrine (rework): Survivors in your basement are affected by Exposed status, this efect persist 10/20/30s after leaving the basement.

  • Suggestion perks for survivors

Perk1: Unlocks potential in one´s Aura reading ability. Hooks auras are revealed in 20m and sabotage progression can be determined by the intensity of their auras. Increase sabo speed 10/15/20%.

Intensive care: When you are healing other survivor, the noise caused by your healing actions and their hearing distance are reduced by 8m. Also increased healing speed 50/75/100% in Dying state survivors.

Bodyguard: Activate-able perk. Standing within the killer terror radius while not in a chase fo 45s activates the perk. While you are healing others you can press the Active Ability button for protect him. For next 5/10/15s, if protected survivor received a hit that would put him into the dying state, you get injured and scream revealing your position for 4s. The protected survivor mitigates the damage.

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