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5 Awful New Survivor Perks



  • ad19970ad19970 Member Posts: 3,199
    edited August 2019

    Seriously? Boosted killers? Just because they use perks to slow down the game? Lol. Gens can go very fast, it's nice to have options to use to slow down the game a bit.

    Personally I think most of these new perks seem quite good. I wouldn't mind small buffs to Babysitter, and having increased walk speed with fixated even when injured would be nice as well. Second Wind though seems fine as it is, allowing you to not have to waste time healing yourself. Maybe a small buff would be good. We should probably wait unil the ptb is out.

  • Luigifan64Luigifan64 Member Posts: 1,053

    I’m sorry, I was wrong to generalize every killer who uses a perk like that as boosted; I just have had numerous bad experiences with killers using 3 or even 4 in a game that just make a single game drag on and on, making the experience not fun.

  • Luigifan64Luigifan64 Member Posts: 1,053

    No they don’t; Huntress, Billy, and Spirit certainly don’t need it and the others don’t either. Sure it’ll be more difficult for all the other killers but it’s very doable without ruin.

  • TheUnendingNightmareTheUnendingNightmare Member Posts: 1,172

    I couldn't read the whole thing bc right off the bat;

    Babysitter reveal your aura so it give incentive to the killer to go after you and not tunnel the other person.

    It's so you can be a good teammate.

  • KwanghyunKwanghyun Member Posts: 186

    Not my friend, all of them needs it. That’s how it is. Ruin is a trash and ubalanced perk but you can rarely win without it at rank 1. If you’re a potato survivor playing against potato killers that’s a different story. I personally suck as Billy and only have garbage perks on him but I still 4K every game after rank reset because using my mouse 1 and basic mingames are littearly all you need around rank 12.

  • Luigifan64Luigifan64 Member Posts: 1,053

    But it doesn’t do that job successfully, the killer will still be able to hear the other survivors moans and footsteps, not to mention the time it lasts is pitiful. On top of that the aura on the unhooker is just a pointless addition to make the perk worse. I know what they’re intending with the aura, but it just doesn’t work. You’d be better off running BT and distracting the killer the traditional way.

  • Luigifan64Luigifan64 Member Posts: 1,053
    edited August 2019

    You don’t need Ruin, the people who need Ruin are the same people who use Premonition and Spine Chill on survivor. It does nothing to improve the player's skill and only reinforces bad gameplay practices. I know various streamers who don’t use Ruin and still do very well (and yes, they are high rank); sure I’m not quite as good as they are, but I don’t use Ruin because I want to become skilled enough to be that good.

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  • ad19970ad19970 Member Posts: 3,199

    I mean, you always got to think though that those killers don't have any perk to help them detect survivors or help them in a chase. At least the low rank killers can very much need any perk that slows down the game.

    I can understand your frustration with those builds, but I do feel like there is nothing wrong with using four perks to slow down the game. Generators going very fast can also be very frustrating for killers.

  • Luigifan64Luigifan64 Member Posts: 1,053

    While that may be true, the most common I see are Ruin, Overcharge, and Pop Goes the Brain-cell in tandem with each other. Killer comes kicks gen, it regresses extra, go on gen, either hit or miss overcharge, killer comes back kicks gen, repeat. It doesn't take skill to do and I can't do much to counter it because so little progress gets done and just leads to a boring loop; hence why I don't want anymore of these perks, the game has a lot already.

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