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Designer Notes | New Status Effects and Bloodweb Changes

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Welcome to our first Designer Notes, a blogpost presenting the fine details of upcoming design changes. We are ready to share the details of two new status effects—one for Killers, one for Survivors— that will be making their debut alongside the next chapter, as well as a much-anticipated change to the bloodweb. 


The first Killer status effect since Bloodlust, Undetectable consolidates our Killer stealth mechanics into one easily understandable status that can be applied through Killer powers, perks, and add-ons. 

When a Killer is Undetectable, the following effects are applied: 

  • The Killer’s terror radius is removed. 
  • The Killer’s red stain is removed. 
  • The Killer will not have their aura revealed. 
  • The Killer does not trigger the jumpscare sound effect. 
  • The Killer sees the smoky screen visual effect. 

As with most of our status effects, the Undetectable icon will appear on the right side of the screen. 

When the new chapter releases, players will have an opportunity to experience this status effect for the first time with the new Killer. We intend to roll out this status effect to other existing powers, perks and add-ons, where relevant, in upcoming chapter / mid-chapter releases. 


Oblivious is a status effect applied to unfortunate Survivors that have no understanding that a Killer is nearby. 

When a Survivor is Oblivious, the following effects are applied: 

  • The Survivor does not hear The Killer’s terror radius. 
  • The Survivor is not affected by any effects that are conditional to being inside of a terror radius. 

Being Oblivious makes a Survivor completely ignorant of a Killer in close proximity, but at the same time, they also ignore the effects of Coulrophobia, Unnerving Presence, Infectious Fright, and other terror radius perks. 

As with the Undetectable status, Survivors will have the opportunity to experience this effect when playing against the new Killer in the upcoming chapter release. Following this, we will include Oblivious in other powers, perks, and add-ons in later patches. 


This update will also see a change to the bloodweb which significantly cuts down the amount of time taken to unlock perks. 

From level 40 and beyond, more perks will appear in each bloodweb, giving you more choice between which perks you take, increasing the odds of finding the perk you want, and potentially allowing you to take two perks per level. The exact details are as follows: 

  • Levels 1-39: Unchanged 
  • Levels 40-49: Three perks appear, up to two can be purchased. 
  • Level 50: Four perks appear, up to two can be purchased. 

The other rules of the bloodweb remain the same; when you take a perk, The Entity consumes another perk at random. If you are efficient at acquiring nodes on the bloodweb, this change means that you could earn up to two perks per level, although you will be racing against The Entity. 

With the total number of perks growing with each chapter release, getting the perks you wanted could be challenging. With this change, the odds of finding the perk you want are doubled and the amount of time taken to unlock all perks is dramatically reduced. 


All the changes mentioned above will first be available in the 3.2.0 update. We look forward to hearing what you think once you’ve gotten a chance to try them out! 


See you in The Fog, 

The Dead by Daylight Design team 

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