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Killer Concept: The Tracker

JerZeyCJJerZeyCJ Member Posts: 14

The Tracker

Movement Speed: 110

Alt Movement Speed(When power is initially activated): 100

Alt Movement Speed(Max): 125

Terror Radius: 28m

Height: Tall

Lore: In life, the Tracker was a merciless hunter of escaped prisoners and other runaways, who more often than not brought his prey back dead rather than alive. And while he'd never let those he did business with know it, he relished every second of the hunt and rarely, if ever, intended to bring any of his quarry back alive. It wasn't until he killed the wrong person that he finally got to feel what it was like to be on the other side of the chase, and it only made him love the hunt more; to finally get into the minds of his prey and know exactly how they felt when he chased them. It took him only 4 days to do to his pursuers what none could ever do from him: escape. But by them, he and has hounds were lost deep in the darkest parts of the forest. They wandered for days, with only the scant rays of light that could pierce the canopy above to guide their way. They were exhausted, but more than that... they were hungry. It took only the slightest provocation, a kick in the side to stop one of the hounds' whining, a discipline they were all too used to; except this time, something changed and pushed them over the edge. First one, then another, and soon all of the hounds were upon him, feasting on him. None could hear his screams. None, except, the Entity. As the rays of light faded and the darkness of the forest grew around them, the Entity drew in both Tracker and hounds, into Its realm.

In death, the Tracker is more than merciless, he's a monster, a single minded creature driven only by his urge to hunt and sacrifice to the Entity who will dog Survivors to the ends of Its realm if he has to, hounds now bound to him and never far behind. He still feels the thrill of the hunt, the fright on first contact, the burst of adrenaline as the prey begins to flee. the fear as they can do nothing but cower and wait for the end to come. He knows they feel this way, because he has felt it himself, and he savors every second of it.

Power: Houndmaster

While not in a chase, The Tracker can hold M2 to call and leash one of his hounds and begin tracking his prey. While tracking with his hound, the Tracker's movement speed is slowed and scratchmarks and blood are more noticeable. As the tracker and his hound continue to successfully follow a specific Survivor's tracks, their speed gradually begins to increase. Once they've successfully followed a set of tracks for 10 seconds, they reach their full speed and the Tracker can see the Survivor's scent hanging in the air and continue the hunt if scratch marks fade or the Survivor stops their bleeding. If the Tracker has tracked a single Survivor for more than 15 seconds and has not yet entered into a Chase with them, he can press M2+M1 to lose his movement speed buff and instead unleash his hound, which will sprint off in the Survivor's direction and attempt to grab them. This can be dodged by the Survivor with a well timed skill check. After being grabbed by a hound, the Survivor can break free with another skill check, but will be afflicted with the Mangled and Hemorrhage status effects and will not be put into the Injured or Dying states and cannot be tracked again for 65 seconds; while the Tracker gains the new effect "Taste For Blood" after the grab succeeds. Taste For Blood lasts 75 seconds. While Taste For Blood is active, the next Survivor to be grabbed by the Tracker's hound will be Injured(in which case, they will also be inflicted with Deep Wounds) or put into the Dying State if they are already Injured.

Sound: There is a map wide sound queue whenever the Tracker lets loose one of his hounds. The Survivor being chased by the hound will hear it panting and running wherever it is and it will grow louder as it gets closer to them(Survivors not the target of the hound will hear it if it passes by 10m of them). Right before the hound lunges and the initial dodge skill check begins, the tracked Survivor will hear a distinctive sound queue warning them of the impending attack.

Weapon: The Tracker's weapon is a wicked Mancatcher pole with the shaft snapped in half and the spikes inverted to be facing outwards rather than inwards.


Guard Dog: When a Survivor goes within a 10m radius of a Hooked Survivor, the sound of dogs barking can be heard by the Killer and Survivor who triggered them, revealing the Survivor's location for 2/2.5/3 seconds. This effect can only triggered once on a hooked survivor and they will need to be hooked again to reactivate it.

Unseen Wound: A Survivor becomes your Obsession and has a 5/10/15 percent chance to start bleeding for 2/3/4 seconds every 30/25/20 seconds. Once you hit the Obsession, a new Survivor becomes the Obsession.

Injured Prey: When a Survivor is Injured, they have a 10/15/20 percent chance to leave behind a scratch mark every 25/20/15 seconds.

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