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Flickering anti stealth killer flashlight.

Maelstrom10Maelstrom10 Member Posts: 1,377

Rare addon: Cracked halogen bulb - A cracked permeable bulb that has let the fog in, altering its chemistry somewhat. Doesn't seem safe to use, but its better then nothing.

increases battery consumption slightly - (3%)

Flashlight Brightness increased tremendously

accuracy decreased tremendously.

Flickers within 20m of the killer, and within 16m of the killer will flicker faster. 6m the flashlight will stay on. This drains charges on the battery, but alerts you to the killer and the killer to you. hopping in the locker or doing an action will not stop the flickering. will flicker even without being aimed. Turning it on will stop the flickering but use the flashlight normally.

Acts as essentially a faulty flashlight tipping you off to when the killers coming near. won't be useful against a majority and will only really give away your location unless you stay far enough away, however against stealth killers it would be somewhat of a godsend.


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