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Buffy the vampire slayer survivor: Dawn

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1- The key: The survivor is a transdimentional key made flesh. Thus you can open any door. Allow you to open the hatch without the use of a key but it takes 15s and an additional 5s for every survivor still alive. It also warn the killer with an audio and visual notification.

2- Demonic friends: Hanging around demons can be dangerous but some of them actually gave you tips to survive. Whilst holding the trigger key put a trap on the ground. After 10s it will activate and spawn a fake running survivor, warning the killer with an audio and visual notification. It won't leave scratch marks and cannot vault or hide.

3- Slayer inner circle: Being around the Slayer has its advantages. Just being around your teammates put them at ease, heal allies overtime when standing 6m/16m/26m up to 50% of their health and much slower than if you were actually healing them. It wouldn't trigger aura reading perk.

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