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So with the new chapter, Pennywise is now totally a viable killer option right?

SickertonSickerton Member Posts: 26

Speaking lorewise, of course. Property rights-wise is always a random die roll, and if you can make Freddy Krueger work mechanics-wise not much else could be out of reach there.

Always kinda wanted this guy, and with the IT remake it'd be as timely as it'd ever get to do so, but there was also a huge narrative roadblock: The Entity wants servants and food, not competition. She stuck to humans/former humans because they were simple, efficient, and utterly helpless against her powers. IT, however, is probably closer to the Entity itself on a sliding scale with the survivors/killers on the other side. It would be rather unprecedented to have another otherworldly being using an avatar to intrude on the Entity's personal pocket dimensions, possibly even without her permission.

Well, it was up until now, what with Demorgon crashing the party. And leaving the door open for others as he does so.

Wouldn't be *terribly* hard to reason out at this point either. Make a backstory about IT noticing the Entity's games, and hopping in now and again to play by the Entity's rules as Pennywise because it mutually benefits the both of them. Entity feeds off of emotions, and while IT feeds on the flesh it loves how emotions flavor the victims. So the Entity wrings both the survivors and killers dry of feelings, and once nothing more can be extracted she flings them into the Void... Where IT is free to snatch them up, their saturated husks it's equivalent to finely aged steaks. Long term gourmet dining, unspeakable horror style.

Have Stan Uris as the bundled Survivor/IT's peace offering to the Entity, make Pennywise's red stain blue-white instead, give him the title "The Deadlights" and bada bing bada boom, you have a lore compliant chapter as far as I can tell. Thoughts?


  • ficksficks Member Posts: 4

    I think it would be lovely because i'm a huge Stephen King fan but at the same time with the whole entity thing it still wouldn't work lore-wise.

    I feel like The Demogorgon is for sure weaker then the entity and Pennywise. So, Entity could take Demogorgon to its realm but since Pennywise is basically a chaotic God/Cosmic evil IT would be stronger then the Entity unless the Entity is something much greater (which, lets be honest, Cosmic evil is hard to top). Unless Pennywise, perhaps, came to make a deal with the Entity. You know? like a deal betweeen two powerful forces.

    But i really hope they can find a way to make it work. I'd love to see 2017 Pennywise in DBD.😁

  • MercuryMercury Member Posts: 324
    edited August 2019

    Maybe it's not a real Demogorgon? Remember that the entity taps into its victims memories and sometimes used them as a playing ground for its trials. Perhaps this time, when it caught Steve and Nancy, it tapped into their memory to bring something greater than just a replica of their surroundings, what if it build a Demogorgon from scratch just from their memories? Both Nancy and Steve have seen the Demogorgon up close and personal, so that could work. Yet, they are unsure of what exactly it is capable of, which helps mechanical wise, since the demogorgon would probably be capable of much more than in the game, yet Steve and Nancy wouldn't know right of the bat. I dunnu just a random thought. But this would rule out the competition factor, right? I felt like the Demogorgon needs to be bound to something to be kept alive (i.e. season 2) so the entity couldn't do it in any other way, but to create its own Demogorgon.

  • Underwear_ModelUnderwear_Model Member Posts: 10

    This is a good video to this point:

    His perk ideas are beautifully designed. I would just add Pennywise being able switch locations with his balloon!

  • WickedKatzWickedKatz Member Posts: 238

    We already have thicc clown, so i guess we won't be seing pennywise. But i hope i am wrong, it would be really cool a flying clown

  • LarisaLarisa Member Posts: 176

    I was really sceptical about it some time ago when I imagined who could fit dbd realms, but giving it a second thought.. yeah, pennywise 2017 is scary af.

    Also, as it mentioned in the video above there are similarities to some killers: bubba/hillbilly, i believe from fov demogorgon hands remind of hag hands, but the first couple is really similar, when I was new to dbd I always questioned why they look the same from fov.

    Red balloon is legenday thing. And the mori idea is already in the movie

  • AetherBytesAetherBytes Member Posts: 993

    Unfortunately, No. Comparing DbD to IT, Pennywise would be an Entity (which is blasphemous!), and wouldn't exist within another entity's world. It would be interesting to see a pennywise styled Entity, at least for a while,

  • DeadmodDeadmod Member Posts: 1

    So my idea for pennywise to work was that maybe the only reason that he would work for the Entity is because he would have to sleep for approximately 27 to 30 years at a time, then awaken and feed. The Entity doesn't have to do that at all.

  • Raven014Raven014 Member Posts: 2,612

    The Entity has been growing stronger, according to dev interviews. That's the reason the abilities are getting more and more crazy (From Nurse to Spirit). Theoretically, there could be a point where it's stronger than Pennywise.

  • BlueFangBlueFang Member Posts: 1,093

    Pennywise in the lore is stated to be an ancient world eater

    I mean his main rival is a Turtle God that creates galaxies

    Something tells me that's a lot stronger than the entity

  • Pugpablo123Pugpablo123 Member Posts: 115

    I don't think that Pennywise would really work in Dead by Daylight. To be able to make him a viable killer, they would have to essentially butcher what makes him Pennywise. It would be hard to make powers for him that fit his character and are not copies of other killers. Also, DBD already has a clown, which admittedly might need a rework.

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