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Every Player Minds (Just for Fun)

michaelkhjmichaelkhj Member Posts: 76

This is something that came to my mind recently after reading posts, not saying that I am not included, since we are all humans and sometimes we get selfish right? Well I am trying to change too haha also not saying that everyone thinks like this but there will be someone who does. AND what I am saying includes all killer but not Nurses with 3+ blinks in some part of the post. Also is just for fun please do not get mad.

Rest of the players:

Playing as Killer:

  • If you manage to get 4 kills is because YOU are good playing as him.
  • BUT if you did not get 4 kills is because the survivor got OP perks or because the killer is Weak.

Playing as Survivor:

  • If you manage to juke the killer and Escape is because YOU did well.
  • BUT if not is because the killer is OP and killers perks are OP and needs NERF. (not nurse with 3+ blink included because I understand that is hard to counter a 3 blink Nurse)

The thing is that is NEVER because I need more skills and knowledge when we fail to Escape or to get 4 Kills.

Moral of the Story, let's stop blaming who got more OP perks, let's study more and analyze the game-play to be a better player, like Asians do..

Asians Killer Minds:


  • -What is the most OP Killer?
  • -Nurse and Spirit, because is rare to escape from a 3+ blink nurse.
  • -OK then I will only practice and use Nurse. (Studies nurse and plays Nurse 90% of the games the rest 10% playing as Spirit or Plague)


  • -What is the most Fun and Satisfying Killer?
  • -Hill Billy because it feels so good when you get a survivor with your chainsaw.
  • -Now I will be Hill Billy main. (Studies Hill Billy practices him and play him 80% of the time and the rest goes for Nurse and Spirit)


  • What is the Most annoying Killer for Survivors?
  • Legion (before patch), and some people hates Nurses.
  • (Before the Legion patch 90% of Chinese players played legion after the change they use to play Nurse)

Asians Survivor Minds:


  • Rule number 1, Urban Evasion is the best perk! always stay near the ground! and Rule number 2, if any heartbeat is heard never rescue the hooked one even if the killer is a little far and I am in the middle between the hook and killer wait to the killer be in the other corner of the map even if the hooked one goes to the struggling phase!


  • Studies every single Add-Ons for every Killer and knows the timing of everything.
  • Rule for killers, if there are more than 2 Korean Survivors cancel the match!


  • hmm I heard that Claudette is good for stealth I'm gonna try her out!
  • Escapes.

My Extra Mind:

  • (Nurses scream)
  • oh is it a nurse?
  • yeap.
  • OKEY OMW.. I am gonna teabag him so hard to make him never play nurse again!
  • I end dead on the hook every single time hahaha.

If you do not believe me, go and check random non famous Japanese, Korean and Chinese Streams

you will see that they play the killer I said they play (not everyone but majority) XD

Have a nice day! and sorry for my English!

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