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The Legion needs some work! take two "the rework"

KarltastiskKarltastisk Member Posts: 480
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So i have already made a post about The legion needing some work where i come up with some balance changes and addittions to his kit. You can take a look here if you are interested: https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/discussion/80399/the-legion-needs-some-work#latest

But this time i want to go trough a full on rework that i've been thinking about. Let's begin!

The legion's power now has two uses that both drain the power bar.

His first power is when the power bar is fully charged he can press it and fast vault pallets and windows within 4 seconds (no increase in speed). And after the fast vault the legion gains a small burst of speed much like the spirit/wraith, but cannot see any scratchmarks, blood or hear groans of pain for 8 seconds. And if he hits a survivor within those 8 seconds he gets stunned for 4 seconds like now. After that its the standard blade swipe animation. (Edit: After the 8 seconds if you hit the survivor its the standard blade swipe animation and not the fatigue. Sorry for confusing anyone. The fatigue does not have an additional blade swipe animation.)

This is to keep his strongest part of the kit a big risk vs reward scenario.

The second part is his Deepwound on demand. The legion also has the choice of inflicting deepwounds with his basic attack for 15 seconds after activating his power, but in turn *he cannot also use it to fast vault at the same time. *he has to choose. If he hits a survivor the timer refreshes and gains the killer instinct within his terror radius. Then he gets a speed boost of 15% when "not" in a chase for those 15 seconds. Hitting an injured survivor in deepwound while deepwound power is active will still down the survivor since it is his basic attack (but with extra damage). Hitting survivors with this effect while cause the standard blade swipe animation since he cannot use it to vault pallets.

Power recharge rate is 15 seconds. And must be fully charged to be used on fast vaults, but can be used at anytime for the deepwound, but only giving his basic attack the deepwound status for the duration of recharge rate he had. So if the power has recharged for 5 seconds. The next 5 seconds basic attacks will inflict deepwound and recharge to the full 15 seconds and so on.

Survivors inflicted with deepwound do not generate scratchmarks while affected by deepwound, but blood and groans of pain is still present.

His movement speed i feel should still be 4.6m/115%, but of course can be tweaked if necessary.

All numbers probably needs tweaking. So don't get hung up on the numbers being OP/UP and focus instead of how versatile and smooth it would make the legion. Giving the killer player choice and not having to suffer major cooldowns and stuns. While at the same time keeping it fair for survivors aswell.

Constructive feedback and thoughts are very welcome :) @Peanits

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  • mutabletiger4mutabletiger4 Member Posts: 183

    Sounds interesting, the power will be lethal or a slowdown, I like it. Not a fan of the blade swipe after the stun though, it would probably end up being too punishing for the killer.

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