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Getting hit thru vaults

The biggest issue I have with the game currently is that each time your running away from the killer you vault and they hit you thru the window I understand slow vaulting should be punished but when you fast vault and start taking steps away and still get hit that's just BULLSHIT! Killers already can hit you easily when chasing with their lunge attack so why do they stick their hands thru the window and hit you?! Honestly I believe if your gonna hit me on some BULLSHIT hit box may as well grab me and put me on your shoulder. Nothing is more annoying then fast vaulting over windows and down pallets only to get hit when the hit box clearly don't make sense I play consoles and a lot of ppl complain about getting hit after the fact so when this game does its next BIG update I promise DBD will improve the player base with fair hit boxes. I much rather the killer grab me when im "fast Vaulting" then them get a BULLSHIT hit off due to "hit boxes"


  • justarandyjustarandy Member Posts: 1,711

    Bad coding combined with latency (tho, I hit hits as killer were I was shocked and thought "this shouldn't be hitting" so it might be only bad code/hitbox detection).

  • LegendCZLegendCZ Member Posts: 59

    Depends on the killer really ... Also if you get hit while Vaulting you simply dont been fast enough. Or you have bad internet conection.

    On killer side you just vaulted and on your screen you stepped away. Happend to the best of us.

    And then again, you need to take killers weapon range into consideration.

    Also if you have issues with Lunge i recommend using sprint burst.

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