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Killer concept: The Magic

VombateVombate Member Posts: 26

Power: The Vanishing Tecnique.

The Magic haves two different abilities that can sinergize. In the first one, he can place his hat inside a locker, marking that locker. If a survivor tries to hide in that locker, he is jumpscared by a monstruous rabbit that runs away, revealing the survivor and applying a negative status effect. Obviously, the survivor is unable to hide in that locker. Survivors will know if he hid his hat into a locker, since he will be hatless. Opening the same locker will make The Magic recover the hat.

The secondary ability happens if he hid his hat into a locker. In this state, he can enter into another locker to quickly teleport to the locker he first hid his hat, recovering it and jumping out. Any survivor who suddenly enters in his terror radius when he jumps out screams, revealing his position.


Eager for creativity: Whenever a survivor vaults a window or drops a pallet inside your terror radius, you gain a stack, up to 3/4/5 stacks. Each stack gives you 3% more movespeed. You lose all stacks when the chase ends.

Gather the crowd: If 4/3/2 survivors are inside your terror radius, you can see their auras for 5 seconds. The perk have a colldown of 90 seconds.

Keep their eyes on you: When a survivor is hooked, the entity blocks the hook, making the survivor impossible to unhook for 5/10/15 seconds.

Appearance: Tall, slender, completely bald, with an oversized grin, long and thin arms and fingers, an ornamented blue smoking and a big top hat. Uses a throwing knife as weapon.

Hit animation: After hitting, The Magic's throwing knife becames dirt with blood. He hovers his hand above it and the blood vanishes.

Mori animation: The Magic hovers his hands above the downed survivor, shake his fingers and ta-da: the survivor vanishes. Well, actually, he burns. Painfully. His only proof of living is a blackened human-shaped mark in the ground.

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