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The Hag isn't as good as everyone makes her out to be.

NuminousNuminous Member Posts: 42
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1. She is 110

2. She is slowed down while teleporting to traps

3. They can be disarmed from far away without a flashlight from far enough away and you can still make it to safety with the distance

4. Flashlights completely destroy them and remove her ability to teleport to them

5. If she traps a loop, she's too slow to catch you if you run to another one

6. She can't teleport while she is occupied with a survivor (during atk cooldowns or while carrying) so survivors can go around disarming all of them

7. Urban (not like anyone competent runs it, but still)

8. Object of Obsession completely ruins her element of surprise and map prescence

9. The only thing she's ok at is proxying from far away, but if you have a flashlight, that ability is completely nullified

Against a competent swf, you'd have better luck picking up a turd by its clean end.

Prove me wrong.

Edit: To everyone telling me people are only bad because I don't put the time into her, the same arguement can go for survivors. Since no one plays Hag, no one plays against her. If more people played Hag, you would probably start to see that she's not that good at all

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  • Seltas0208Seltas0208 Member Posts: 550

    Hags probably the killer I have the best kill to escape ratio on. Not everyone brings a flashlight and would you crouch everywhere just because its a hag? If yes then we'll done you avoid the "what the [BAD WORD] is that trap doing there?" question.

    Hags the most balanced (and imo fun) killer in the game. Good to pick up and fun to learn

  • FriendlyGuyFriendlyGuy Member Posts: 2,204

    Hag is ok, but just A-Tier cause of Flashlights. Rusty Chains exists. She's as balanced as billy atm.

  • MarcusMarcus Member Posts: 1,545

    She is the 4th best killer in my opinion. The fact that she gets destroyed by a SWF team with Object of Obsession doesn't matter that much when every killer not Nurse or Spirit gets destroyed by such team. And anyway, nobody is gonna use Object anymore, once the Undetectable status effect will be added.

  • sluc16sluc16 Member Posts: 170

    I think every killer can be good, if the player has good skill with him. I have faced trappers that are just unbeatable even without OP perks.

  • MarcusMarcus Member Posts: 1,545
    edited August 26

    1 Trapper is never unbeatable.

    2 There aren't any OP perks.

  • edgarpoopedgarpoop Member Posts: 1,237

    She has the same thing going as Clown: nobody plays her, so a lot of people overrate her. I have a lot of hours on Hag. She's very exploitable. Her whole gimmick is ruined when survivors knowingly and constantly step on her traps.

  • Swiftblade131Swiftblade131 Member Posts: 1,274

    She's also not as bad as everyone makes her out to be.

  • SpaceCoconutSpaceCoconut Member Posts: 920
  • HuntressIsMyFavXDHuntressIsMyFavXD Member Posts: 97

    I personally have to agree, many people say a Killer is "Trash" yet when people say this I say "Maybe you should practice, you may find that this killer is better then the community makes him/her out to be"

  • kid187emkid187em Member Posts: 48

    Everyone says Plague is trash but i constantly get 4k with the occasional 3k because of the hatch camper. Every killer can be good if you work at it and use the right perks/add ons.

  • MegMain98MegMain98 Member Posts: 1,679
    1. She’s what? Spirit is 110. Does that make her weak?
    2. If she traps a pallet and instantly teleports she will slap you in the face and you will be down.
    3. Not everybody brings in a flashlight nor will you encounter it every single game
    4. She can easily make an area dead with her traps and has one of the best map pressures in the game.
    5. Mint Rag/Rusty Shackles/MYC trio is one of the best builds in the game.

    She isn’t weak. She is easily the #4 killer.

  • LordGlintLordGlint Member Posts: 3,370
  • brokedownpalacebrokedownpalace Member Posts: 3,628

    A lot of people think if they're not good with a killer then that killer isn't good. It's difficult for them to step outside their own experiences.

  • NuclearBurritoNuclearBurrito Member Posts: 4,852

    fun fact. All 110 or lower Killers are at worst B tier and the entirety of S tier is below 115%.

  • NuclearBurritoNuclearBurrito Member Posts: 4,852

    In my opinion Huntress is the worst Viable Killer and she's only not better because she's Map dependent.

  • justarandyjustarandy Member Posts: 1,711

    You just need a flashlight, OoO or swf and you render her traps quite useless. I bullied a lot of hag mains with flashlight and OoO. While playing solo. The only strong thing are some addons with MYC or basement camping.

  • thekiller490490thekiller490490 Member Posts: 1,132

    1. You obviously don't know how to play her 100% when your first problem with her is her slow MS.

    2. Agreed that she should have full MS coming out of teleport.

    3. Still gives me more info then trapper if you watch the Phantasms movement.

    4. Bring Franklin's Demise.

    5. That should not be an issue for a well set up hag.

    6. A killer weakness that is a part of her.

    7. Urban doesn't matter in a chase. (Unless a survivor knows how to counter a trap mind game. Very rare.)

    8. OoO is a counter to hag and all trapping killers.

    9. Like 4, bring Franklin's and be ready for it. Also try to hook the flashlight user.

    10. Every killer suffers against SWF.

    I hated hag for a long time until her buffs and a really well done guide by @SpaceCoconut . So see the other side or stay biased. Have a good day.

  • MasantonioMasantonio Member Posts: 2,255



  • ElusivePukkaElusivePukka Member Posts: 673
    edited August 26

    Hag has the highest 4k and general kill ratios in the game (save XBox where she's second), higher than Nurse, Spirit, or Billy. The numbers do prove you wrong, while your notes and anecdotes just indicate you lack skill and/or perspective.

  • sluc16sluc16 Member Posts: 170

    Classic saulty unnecessary comment. I didn't say the killer is unbeatable, I said players can be because they have so much skill.

  • SnakeSound222SnakeSound222 Member Posts: 1,814

    She’s easily the third best Killer. You obviously don’t want or know how to play her. She’s very hard to play, but once you get good with her, most Survivors will be terrified of you.

  • MegMain98MegMain98 Member Posts: 1,679

    @thekiller490490 Not every killer suffers harshly from SWF groups. Nurse and Spirit just don’t care regardless if you’re in a SWF group or not.

  • TKTKTKTK Member Posts: 368
    edited August 26

    I'd like that to be the standard personally but solo survivors would need to close the gap between them and swf. Off topic i'm sorry

  • AChaoticKillerAChaoticKiller Member Posts: 646

    This post is by someone who hates hag and does not play her. like flashlights are probably the most overrated thing against her because who the hell goes around the map looking for traps at loops at most they provide slightly safer saves and even then just predict a path after the save and trap it. NO ONE looks for traps unless its by a hooked survivor or a popular loop and even then they sometimes mess up. everything else you mention can be dealt with by simply being good at hag. as for trap sabo teams they can be easily dealt with since they are more focused on your traps than gens to the point were they waste time looking for them, never i have lost against a team like this.

    also haven't gotten less than 2 kills a game for 2 months of playing her at almost every day so unless i have faced noobs in rank 1 every time for 2 months im sure shes good.

  • DarkGGhostDarkGGhost Member Posts: 1,072
    1. Huntress and Spirit 110 % and Nurse she is 95 % speed mean nothing.
    2. Well you go down to zero speed but you still can hit them.
    3. Only if you know there is a trap there and have a good mouse.
    4. It's counter play and when this happen one survivors don't play the game so you have 2 survivors do nothing.
    5. That's why you fake it or make the survivor run the wrong side of the loop.
    6. Like every other killer.
    7. The trap is still there so the next time you go there you will trigger the trap.
    8. Yes and no they may know where your trap are but still have to leave the area and when this happen just look 3.
    9. She is the only killer that can protect 2 hooks and chase the survivors at the same time and in order to do it you need a flashlight.
  • Star99erStar99er Member Posts: 672
    edited August 27

    Can’t say that I agree she’s definitely a high tier Killer just because she has some counterplay doesn’t make her bad. Her kit requires a lot of map knowledge and mind games with her traps. I find her to be the best killer for me to grind back into red ranks when the rank resets. I also get 4ks with Hag more than any other killer.

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