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Killer Idea: Pyramid Head

remember_me88remember_me88 Member Posts: 37
edited September 2019 in Creations

New Killer:

The Guardian

(Pyramid Head from Silent Hill)

All Survivors are starting in the Hellish Dimension.

There are placed 5 nurses. They move if they see you, and so they show the killer by looking at the direction where the last move was located. You can deactivate them by backstabbing them, this takes a few seconds and they get reactivated after maybe 40 seconds. If you backstab one of them you get 1000 Bloodpoints and a little boost for 1 sec. Killer gets no information.

To get out of the Hellish Dimension you have to find some Sirens, you have to interact with them.

If all 2-7 (depens on addons) are active, you here them 3 times (like in the movie) and you are free.

Some actions will bring you back so u have to repeat it.

Any suggestions for the power?

New Maps:

Silent Hill (Town)

Silent Hill (Mine)

New Survivor:

Any of the movies.

What do you think?

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  • TheUnendingNightmareTheUnendingNightmare Member Posts: 1,172

    I like the idea and definetly am all for it! But idk if the upside down is the good term for the hellish dimension. It's more like a nightmare kinda like Freddy.

  • remember_me88remember_me88 Member Posts: 37

    yeah i forgot the name of it plus i am not creative xD

  • TorkoalKingTorkoalKing Member Posts: 47

    Oh man, can his fatality be skinning the survivor like he did in the movie on the church steps?!?! Ah that was gnarly!

  • Proscope666Proscope666 Member Posts: 5

    I have thought about this and this is what I thought he should be like

    Name:Pyramid head/The Zealot

    Terror radius:40 M


    Extra:Terror radius noise has an extra sound of his sword dragging on the floor

    Ability: Cruel Treatment-The Pyrimd Head Leaves Scarab nests around the map that Trigger upon interaction with a survivor, When a survivor Triggers a scarab trap they bleed and leave a blood trail on the ground, They also Make a lot more noise, Scarab Traps can only be placed on downed pallets, Vault spots, Or Generators. He has 5 that he can place at once

    Secondary attack:Punishing blow-After a wind up that can't be cancelled once pressed, He Swings his fist in his off hand, The survivor that is Hit gets no speed boost for getting hit, He then for the next 2 seconds after the Attacks normal stun for hitting, he gains a small speed boost, He moves slower while winding up this attack

    Perks:Never ending Anger-The killer gets more angry as his prey ilude them, Every time you get pallet stunned or blinded you gain a token, Each token gives you A 4/8/12% bonus to Breaking Pallets, Picking up Survivors, Kicking Generators, And hooking Survivors.

    You're Mine-You become obsessed with one survivor, Every time you Hook a survivor that is not your obsession you see your Obsession's aura for 3/6/9 Seconds, When your obsession has Yellow Scratch marks

    Eternal Damnation-The entity Wants tge killer to Capture all of it's prey, So it whispers to the killer giving them different bits of information with each level of this perk, With the first level of this perk the killer can see the aura of Survivors that Slow vault pallets and Slowly enter lockers but only while they are doing the action, At second Level the Killer can See the aura of any survivor that blows up a generator for 3 seconds, this level also reveals any survivor with 3 meters of the exit gate panel, The last level Will show you the location of the hatch when it is outside your terror radius, And when you kill 3 survivors from any means, Tge last survivors aura will be shown for 3 seconds after the last survivor is dead

    Add Ons:The add ons can increase the duration of the bleed and exaggerated noise, As well as the effects that the secondary attack does

    Ultra Rare:Scarab's Pincer-You only have 2 traps, The two traps you have have infinite bleed duration and the bleed amount is Tremendously increased, There is no extra noise, Your Secondary attack inflicts extra bleed amount

    Burned Bible-You have no traps, Moderately increase your speed, Your secondary attack Not only gives nospeed boost to survivor it also disables their Fast vault for 10 seconds, Considerably decrease the Punishing blow Cooldown

    Obviously This needs some suggestions but I think this is pretty cool

  • remember_me88remember_me88 Member Posts: 37

    seeing the hatch is OP but the rest is OK

  • TheUnendingNightmareTheUnendingNightmare Member Posts: 1,172
    edited September 2019

    I didn't see a way too lose tokens and usually token based powers can be lost has a way to balance the perk and reward careful actions.

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