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Should BHVR make Community made Skins for DBD?

lionsoulionsou Member Posts: 61

We all know the Western skin Jake look's Terrifying. (well I do)
And so looking online, the community created so many fantastic skins for both Survivor and Killer, and yet BHVR takes a blind eye to it!

What I think they should do is make a community tournament or something and the best skins get Auric Cells and their skin featured. Having Community-based events such as these both make people engaged with the game as well as develop a creative side to them.

If BHVR allows themselves to Mingle with the communities idea's and make them a reality, they can make outstanding cosmetics and make the game considerably more appealing at the same time.

All I'm saying is that if BHVR adds the communities idea's to the game. More people may actually be interested in contributing to it.

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  • OutlandOutland Member Posts: 535
    Accepted Answer

    After seeing all the garbage skins that get added to Minecraft, Hilter, naked, other offensive symbols, I think we are better off if the devs handle their own skins.


  • GhostEuantGhostEuant Member Posts: 243
    If they created a system like @Boss said, maybe. But they can’t just take ideas off the internet, even with the creator’s permission, and put it in the game, something they make money from. Too many legal issues.

    It’s a DBD character that someone not at BHVR designed/created a skin for and then is now in DBD being sold for profit/contributing to profit. Does that person outside of BHVR deserve compensation? Who legally has the rights to the skins? Do they deserve to be credited? Or is it because the skin is based on a BHVR character that BHVR already owns the rights?

    All of those questions already have answers but the issue for BVHR is public perception and whether it’s worth the ramifications. If they just started taking ideas off of DeviantArt because they own the rights to their characters but never gave the artist credit, people would flip whether BHVR has the right to or not. 
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