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Rules & Info | Beginner's Guide Contest

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With all the excitement surrounding the upcoming Stranger Things chapter, we are expecting some new faces to be joining us. With how many dedicated players this community has, we figured what better way to introduce them to the game than to hold a contest where you guys can create your own guides?


  • Create a guide for a new player to help them learn the game.
  • Your guide can be general, or focus on a specific role.
  • It can be in the form of a video, forum post, website, or anything you feel works best.


  • Your guide must be created after the contest began.
  • You may not use another person's content in your guide (e.g. someone else's screenshots, videos, etc.)
  • You may be asked to prove that your entry is your own creation.

Judging & Criteria

All entries will be reviewed by our community team by September 10th. The winners will be announced on September 12th. We will be basing on decisions on the following categories:

  • Amount of information (not too little, but not overwhelming)
  • Clarity (how easy it is to understand)
  • Presentation (how well the information is organized, bonus points for visuals)


  • 1st prize: 12,500 Auric Cells
  • 2nd prize: 6,000 Auric Cells
  • 3rd prize: 2,250 Auric Cells

How to Enter

All you need to do is post your guide in this subforum (https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/categories/game-guide-contest). If your guides is in the form of a video or some other format, you can post a link to it in your post.

Once the contest is over, all guides will be moved to the Gameplay Guides subforum automatically.

(Note: If your post doesn't appear right away, don't panic! It might just be caught in the spam filter. It will be approved by a mod shortly and reappear.)

We look forward to seeing what you can come up with. Good luck!


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